Parkland cast talks about filming JFK assassination movie

‘Parkland’ Cast Talks About The JFK Assassination Movie

At the Toronto International Film Festival movies based on true events are the talk of the town this year, Parkland, about the events surrounding President John F. Kennedy’s assassination is no exception.

As the film touches on one of the most traumatic and historical changing events for Americans during the 20th century, reaction has been as expected, intense.

Zac Effron, who is trying to shake off his image of teen idol, does a credible job as Doctor Jim Carrico, the ER physician who would become an unwilling part of history.

Parkland is a re-creation of the three days immediately following the President’s assassination in Dallas, Texas and is presented in flashes of events taking place at Parkland Hospital, were the mortally wounded JFK was taken, and also how Lee Harvey Oswald’s family was reacting.

Parkland also focuses on amateur photographer Abraham Zapruder and the police harassment he suffered because he was caught filming the events on the parade route at the time of the shooting.

At a press conference before the premiere Paul Giamatti, who plays Zapruder said,

“The first day of this movie was my first day on Dealey Plaza. That’s an eerie place anyway,” says Giamatti. “I had to stand up on the thing (Zapruder) stood on, and I had to shout the stuff he shouted. It was odd. It was definitely creepy. It felt out-of-body and strange.”

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