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Obama Satan Pic Picks Up Steam Amid WWIII Fears

Obama Satan Pic From Egypt Hints At Waning Influence

An Obama Satan pic has been making the rounds on Facebook, but this time the starting point has nothing to do with right wing detractors, nor tea party members of Congress.

It’s Egypt.

According to alternative news site Before It’s News, the widely read Al Wafd media outlet in Egypt originally published the pic depicting President Obama with horns, pointy ears, and teeth that look like they were directly lifted from a 1980s monster movie.

In the background, you can plainly see a fiery orange sky with the numbers 666 faintly visible behind the President.

The Obama Satan pic is a reaction from the growing detractors in Arab nations, who disagree with Obama’s desire for military action in Syria, a stance that has met with quite a bit of pushback domestically as well.

Coincidentally, the President still thinks he can convince an opposed American population that striking Syria for its alleged use of chemical weapons on its citizenry is the right action.

In a statement reported by The Globe and Mail on Friday, Obama said he was “confident” Americans will want a strike once he lays out his case in a Tuesday night address.

“I trust my constituents want me to offer my best judgment. That’s why they elected me. That’s why they re-elected me,” Obama said, apparently unaware that these same constituents are starting to turn against him for his Syria position and for the growing number of leaks regarding his role in the NSA spy program whistleblower Edward Snowden has revealed.

In fact, Obama’s approval rating has been on a steady decline since the NSA scandal broke, hitting a low on Gallup of 41 percent. As of Friday, the polling organization showed him with 43 percent approval to 49 percent disapproval.

While all this hardly means that Obama is the Antichrist or that he will end up starting World War III, it does show that his support is waning domestically and internationally.

Do you think the Obama Satan pic is proof that the President is losing his influence?

[Image via Al Wafd]

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47 Responses to “Obama Satan Pic Picks Up Steam Amid WWIII Fears”

  1. Joe Morgan

    In my opinion, the silver-tongued man never belonged in office – DEFINITELY not for a second term. He needs to drop Syria and focus on our domestic issues, which he has thus far fumbled into oblivion

  2. Jera Skaggs


  3. Seth Fitzgerald

    Anyone that considers Obama to be Satan is struggling mentally. The reason: These plans to enter Syria as a proxy for Iran and Russia have been in play for decades, and we have strong proof since at least Bush. "The powers that be" are not Obama, a US president is nothing more than a pawn in the game. Call the Federal Reserve leaders "Satan", maybe that will make a little sense.

  4. Ray Fristrom

    what gets me is no one knows if there really is a satan and they don't know what satan looks like. have you seen satan lately? satan might be a dog or cat or?

  5. Ray Fristrom

    what gets me is no one knows if there really is a satan and they don't know what satan looks like. have you seen satan lately? satan might be a dog or cat or?

  6. Christy Nichols

    And Dubbya was better? Puhlease. How about getting educated to the fact that he can't do anything with a worthless piece of shit Congress that he has. Put your money where your mouth is Republican, and have a talk with your shitty base…perhaps then we can get something done in America. And as an FYI, all caps doesn't make your point any better or credible.

  7. Ron Hoskins

    Ray Fristrom that is the stupidest thingiI have heard in a while. Have we seen Satan? Remember he was an angel, one of God's chosen. He can be the most beautiful thing we could imagine yet it can be the most evil. Wake up and quit making asinine comments. He is what he wants to be, evil and the destruction of mankind if we let him!

  8. Reta Lane

    I am not saying I want the US to go war by how can Egypt call anybody anything. Look at their country, everyone is killing each other. They just had a mass slaughter a few weeks ago. I think it has to do with the millions they may have withheld from them because of their military action and overthrowing the government. I never knew why we gave them money anyway and it didn't just happen under Obama.

  9. Jennifer Adkins Hupp

    Ok this is kind of dumb really.Like those guys have any room to be name calling… However, I do not agree with attacking syria and I think it is a bad move, I would encourage others to contact their representatives and tell them to vote NO on attacking Syria..

  10. Barrett Harsch

    Last time I checked. Swallowing poison gas is harmful for your health. I agree with the strike. Something needs to be done. Where were all you anti war people hating the president when bush wanted to attack Iraq???

  11. Farntella Graham

    you are wrong cameron, and I am not young and naive. seth is absolutely correct. the people know this now. things will never be the way they have been over the last 50 years.

  12. Farntella Graham

    the american people wanted revenge for the 9/11 false flag incident.

  13. Farntella Graham

    the american people wanted revenge for the 9/11 false flag incident.

  14. Jerry Lee Allman

    Where was Mr. President and his loyal following when 4 Americans were murdered in Benghazi? No action taken, and the white house and main stream media are still trying to sweep it under the rug. I say take care of our own first and foremost. Worry about the rest of the world later… And no I do not think Obama is the anti-christ, satan, or anything of the sort. I just think he's been in office one term too many. We need new blood in the white house. I could care less about his or her race or gender. I just want someone that respects our constitution, commands respect with the rest of the world, and the citizens of the US, and has a clue on how to turn our country around. Oh, and won't still be blaming Bush/Obama 5 years into their say in office.

  15. Randall James Hughes

    First off, the rebels (Al Qeda) already owned up to the chemical release. They ALREADY said it was because of mishandling… you dopes!
    Keep falling for the shell game. Instead make good use of your time and look up the "islamic pipeline" and tye "Qatar pipeline" neither are oil!
    Dictators and governments HATE competition!

  16. Cristina DosSantos

    "Pull us out of the hole he put us in", well shall we look into THAT who was the person in the last decade who brought down the U.S. into two wars with one being useless! Hmmmmmmmmmm….. who used capitalism into by giving banks and big corporations money to keep them afloat with tax payers money and had finally admitted on a night time interview! Hmmm…… I wonder who that would be and he wasn't from that long ago even when pEople try to erase him from the picture!

  17. Zot OfKithairon

    most all of these arabs countries if offered two options, first being to have all of america and israel wiped out and most of the rest of the world wiped or converted to Islam as well, they wouldn't even read what the second option was. I mean how many of these supposed innocent, unjustly stereotyped muslims actually deep down somewhere don't have some sort of belief in jihad? I don't want to believe it's true, but I don't think it's very many at all.

  18. Lindsay Beth Love

    Cristina DosSantos If you don't recall 911, I do. I remember the day clearly when I heard about the first plane and then the second. Bush was elected in and all of that happened on his watch and American soil. I do not think that giving money away to nonworking americans is any better if not wayyyyyy worse than helping business's create jobs so that americans can support their families. THAT IS THE AMERICA WE ONCE WERE!! Poo for brains? You are mistaken to think that your Obama is anything less than the first beast. If you do not understand what a hole your Obama has put us in, let me remind you of Bush's deficit and Obama's current spending habit and we still have 3 more years of this poo for brains antichrist. Who does bailout after bailout? First thing I learned from Economics, the government does not throw money at a problem, because it does not fix the problem but makes it worse in the long run. Obama is with a black american express card and doesn't even have an understanding of arithmetic.

  19. Lyle Miller

    Seth, I'll agree with you. However the point of the article still stands: Obama's perception of being a "nice guy" is taking a serious hit. And his reputation overseas is not without its effect on his ratings here. My opinion is that he has deserved this negative press for quite some time, but Liberal Media has been working overtime to shield him. At a certain point, they will abandon him like rats fleeing a sinking ship. In order to maintain their bias towards socialism, they will have to sacrifice him at the alter, and when they do, many in the Democrat Party, and mark my words, it will be the most Liberal Extremists that will be the loudest, will begin to vilify him. Knowledge of that is very satisfying to me.

  20. Lyle Miller

    No, it did not just happen under Obama. However, he seems bent on throwing good money after bad, and that is criminal in my mind. Throwing more money their way is going to solve nothing. I think from your comment that you would agree with that. If we were not so tight ourselves, the issue would probably never come to light, but it is and it has. Obama's fault is not seeing the current reality both domestically and overseas. That blind arrogance is what is currently bringing him down. And I do suppose it to be blind, otherwise what he is doing would make no sense in my mind, even from a jaded political point of view that might include trying to discredit Republicans somehow for this fiasco, and his part in it.

  21. Lyle Miller

    What will probably catch his attention, (and if not his, at least his Democratic Party Mates who may *not* want him to stump for them in the upcoming elections if this keeps up) is the poll numbers from Gallup:

    Note that his approval for non-whites, blacks, and women has been dropping. He does not have to put those Demographics totally in the negative column to lose the next election fro his party. One thing you have to realize it that some of those people who are still tentatively still supporting him are losing enthusiasm. They don't want to admit it *yet*, but his policies have lost their fairy tale sparkle and it is showing. The Teflon on him is wearing thin, just like an overused and poorly cleaned non-stick pan. His grime is showing more and more every day. And people who want to believe in him are finding it harder and harder to do. A key one to look at is those who identify themselves as True Independents: The latest week has him getting the approval of less than one third. Last election cycle, he carried a slim majority in that demographic, and that alone is what pushed him over the top. Those True Independents are really a godsend. They keep either Party from pushing too far, or pay the consequences if they do. Obama *has* pushed too far. But I think he is drunk on his own success to date and thinks he is Superman. No, I don't think he thinks he is the Messiah. And I don't think he is Satan or the Anti-Christ. He is just a man drunk with thinking he has more power than he truly does!

    If you look at Rasmussen Reports, you will note that they track those that strongly support versus those that strongly oppose. Those that strongly support are likely to vote for him and those he supports. Those that strongly disapprove of him and his policies are likely to vote against him and his party. Those who do not feel strongly are mostly made up of the huge portion of the American Population that never shows up at the Polls.

    Real Clear Politics shows this as well, and for those of you who swear by it and label Rasmussen Reports as biased, it does not get any clearer than this:

    It is negative across the board! If I was an Obama supporter, right about now I might start being ashamed. I might take that bumper sticker off of my car. I might just be quiet and sulk. But only the most rabid fans are still singing his accolades right now. Just look to the Press. They are finding it harder and harder to say anything nice about him. So they are quiet, hoping this will blow over and he will come to his senses. Fat chance! They still attack his political opponents, but their vitriol has lost its edge.

  22. Lyle Miller

    Cristina DosSantos the naming calling is not needed. But I understand. You are frustrated, and for good reason. Obama looks like he might be taking a dive, and you still want to believe in his fairy tale. It is fine to want his vision to be true. It is foolish to think that wanting something makes it so! You are trying to put this all on Bush. Typical. Bush has actually got higher approval ratings than Obama right now. I say this specifically because I know it will irritate you. I am goading you. Will you be wise enough to not take the bait and bite hard?

    And although hindsight is 20/20, and I do agree to a point about the wars being useless, I think Obama made very specific promises about getting us out of these wars by this year. This was not speculative hoping on his part. It was supposed to be an iron-clad promise. One of the few things I approved of Obama upon, and he not only is failing to deliver, he is trying to be the American Cowboy in Syria that he has absolutely no business being.

  23. Lyle Miller

    Farntella Graham he does OK with prewritten speeches and a teleprompter, even tot he point of appearing to be a great orator. But you are right. The press tries to bury them, his gaffes when he goes off script are horrible!

  24. Davis Bittern

    Obama isn't Satan.. and my Take on WW3? hmmm , I guess only time will tell right?

  25. Christopher Mavian

    Lyle Miller Not to mention that the unemployment rate is higher under Obama's presidency than it was under Bush.

  26. Elaine Marten

    Cristina DosSantos well the US has only won 1 war so far…and that was the one of 1812…don't expect anything to change, and watch your country to completely fall apart. Its not far off that now…Keep out of Syria and listen to everyone else, including other leaders…the US isn't wanted there and not needed there. look after your own needs first…

  27. Timothy Tremblay

    BTW folks; Jesus Christ said this: "If you are not with Me you are against Me". What does this mean? It means that al who are not Followers of Christ are of the Anti-Christ~! Obama is a self professed Muslim and we all (should) know that Islam is AGAINST Christ Jesus in that they deny He is God's One True Son, they place the stinking camel herder Mohammad over Jesus which is TOTALLY absurd~! I know Christ is God as I have SEEN HIM. Choose this day whom you will server. and BTW if you serve the carnal flush in lust you will be judged and most likely NOT be in the desirable place after you have breathed you last breath. Peace in Christ only.

  28. Carla Glass-Cargo

    This is sickening but not surprising from Repubes or just hate filled people in the USA. I don't believe for one minute this came from Egypt. It is from the self-righteous Repubes that love to see our President fail at anything he does. God is watching you Repubes and when you meet him face to face get ready to go straight to hell.

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