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Baby Elaina: Human Remains Found In Garage

Baby Elaina Remains

Baby Elaina disappeared from a Toledo, Ohio, home on June 2. The 18-month-old child was never seen again. Elaina’s mother Angela Steinfurth, and her boyfriend Steven King II, claim the child was kidnapped.

Three months later, police may have found the child’s remains.

As reported by the Toledo Blade, the remains were found inside a computer box in King’s detached garage. Lucas County deputy coroner Dr. Diane Barnett determined that box “appears to contain human remains.”

On June 2, Elaina’s father T.J. Steinfurth arrived at the Toledo home to pick up his daughter. He was informed that Elaina was missing. Angela told him that Elaina disappeared from her bed during a nap.

Police, family, friends, and neighbors, launched a massive search. The search continued for three months.

As reported by HLN, Angela Steinfurth’s story changed several times throughout the investigation. She initially claimed that she and Elaina both took a nap. She said when she woke up, the child was gone.

Angela later admitted that when they woke up from the nap, Elaina had a black eye and a broken nose. The injury was never reported to police.

On June 12, Angela was arrested for obstruction of official business. She contends that she has no information about baby Elaina’s disappearance or whereabouts.

Weeks later, King was arrested for obstructing official business and making false statements. He also stated that he had no idea what happened to Elaina.

Angela Steinfurth and Steven King remain incarcerated.

Yesterday, police received a tip in the investigation. They were told to return to the property where baby Elaina was last seen alive.

Officers eventually recovered a box from a garage on the property. The coroner has identified human remains inside the box.

Officials will not have a positive identification until an autopsy is performed.

The disappearance of baby Elaina gained national attention when Nancy Grace featured the story on her show. The community has hoped and prayed for her safe return. Yesterday’s discovery may finally bring closure to the heartbreaking saga.

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9 Responses to “Baby Elaina: Human Remains Found In Garage”

  1. Joan Volkorez

    The mother knows exactly what happened to her child! And the fact that her story keep changing all the time is a red flag for that! Either her or the boyfriend or both had something to do with it!

  2. Angie Penniman

    Sick bastards. I am so tired of people harming their children. What could ever justify that? My God, give the child up for adoption…anything. Why?

  3. Paula Atkins

    Death penalty for both pieces of shit! In fact just tie them up and dump them off in the landfill!

  4. Jennifer Corey Cutlip

    Mom had an option if she decided she didn't want her baby. She could have given her to Elaina's father. So sad. Prayers for her father and all those who loved this innocent little girl. Apparently her mom & her mom's boyfriend didn't love her. I hope they get what's coming to them and then some.

  5. Patricia A McIntosh

    I bet the father would have taking that baby in a heartbeat! I bet the court just automatically gave custody to that mother. Fathers should automatically get joint custody unless there is a Legal reason like child abuse on their record. This would be the fault of the court.

  6. Julee Bailey

    This baby looks malnutrished to me. AND I'm not to sure the Father didn't know the abuse was going on…Even Ray Charles could see that!!!! I'm discussed with the family,friends, and community for not stepping up and intervening. And I doubt very seriously. That this was the first time the Police had been dispatched to this shack of squatters!!

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