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Toyota Recall In 2013 Affects 369,000 Cars: Lexus Hybrid Engines Shut Off

Toyota Recall In 2013 Affects 369,000 Cars: Lexus Hybrid Engines Shut Off

A Toyota recall affects 369,000 vehicles including cars among the high end Lexus brand.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, as of 2013 Toyota recalls have affected 13 million cars in five years.

The new 2013 Toyota recall primarily affects hybrid engine cars. Another Toyota recall on hybrid cars earlier this year was for a brake design flaw.

But this latest Toyota recall is a showstopper…literally! The first Toyota recall affects 200,000 vehicles using the hybrid engine system. The 2005 to 2011 Lexus RX400 and the 2005 to 2007 Highlander series have an issue with the inverter in the hybrid system that could cause an alarm to go off, sometimes forcing the hybrid to come to a stop. This Toyota recall will replace a module in the inverter for free and is expected to take three to four hours at a Toyota dealership.

The second Toyota recall affects the Lexus GS350, IS350, Crown and Mark X models manufactured between 2005 and 2010, except for the IS350 which is only 2010 and 2011. 169,000 vehicles in North America and Japan have a problem with a bolt in the engine that controls the variable-valve timing system, which controls the engine camshafts. The bolt may loosen, cause the entire engine to stop functioning, and potentially even damage the engine. The Toyota recall for this part will take more than six hours to fix at a Toyota dealership.

Have the Toyota recalls in 2013 affected your car buying decisions?

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6 Responses to “Toyota Recall In 2013 Affects 369,000 Cars: Lexus Hybrid Engines Shut Off”

  1. Oliver Thomas

    That really shows "the quality".. how many european cars were recalled in the last five years for serious problems ?!..

  2. Ouida Trawick

    The problem with the bolt in the engine will take more than 6 years at a Toyota dealership to fix. Are they going to give you a loaner to drive while they take years to fix your car? Or maybe the writer meant to write 6 hours to fix the car! Also the models between the years 2005 and 2001? Does this writer mean 2001 through 2005 or 2005 through 2010 maybe? Maybe transposed the last two digits of the year. This article leaves a lot to be desired in actual facts.

  3. Deborah Cortez

    On my 2nd Corolla and LOVE it. My previous Chevy and then my Ford before that were recalled twice. No, this does not affect my decision and would buy another one without hesitation.

  4. Tom Anderson

    Yeah, if people are still buying the "Japanese cars are better than American cars" BS they've been living in a cave for a very long time.

  5. Jimmy FiveFingers

    Oh no, Mr. Bill, not again! Does Toyota Care come with a crash helmet? Banzai!

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