NFL Head Coaches - Worst Of All Time

10 Worst NFL Coaches In History: Big Losses And No Clue How To Coach

Throughout the history of the NFL, there have been many great leaders; unfortunately, for every one great leader, there have been 10 horrid head coaching choices.

So who are the worst coaches in NFL history? Our list includes coaches who were so bad that their loss column was tripled or quadrupled compared to their win column.

From David Shula and Bert Bell to Rich Kotite and Rod Marinelli, it’s easy to see why these coaches have been named the worst in NFL history.

Some coaches are bad because they don’t have the talent they need to convert big plays. Other NFL coaches are bad at their jobs because they simply don’t understand what it takes to win games. With a mix of offensive and defensive styles in the league, it takes a smart man to run an NFL franchise.

Take a look at the 10 worst NFL coaches in history and see if you agree with our assessment (in no particular order):

David Shula

David Shula