Ten Sexy British Actors Of 2013

Sexy British actors are invading television and movie screens all around the world lately. From Henry Cavill in Man Of Steel to the recently cast Charlie Hunnam who will play the steamy Christian Grey in Fifty Shades Of Grey.

But why the fascination with the Brits? I’m not sure, I can only speak from personal experience. A combination of looks, that impossibly attractive foreign accent, and talent makes British men on screen irresistible.

Every time you go to see a movie lately, there is at least one main character played by a British actor. It seems like they grow them on trees.

One of the reasons there are so many good British actors is because most of them come from a theater background, which trains them in proper techniques. The Brits seem too be able to play any character they put in front of them. Have you noticed?

We Americans have always found British actors sexy. Remember Sean Connery, Sean Bean, Jeremy Irons, and others? The list goes on and on, even back to the days of Lawrence Olivier and Peter O’Toole.

Here we list some of the sexiest British actors of 2013 (in no particular order).

Henry Cavill, 30.

Our new Superman is one of the most attractive men, period. In the British or any other universe, few can compare to the tall, dark, blue eyed, soft spoken Henry Cavill. All of a sudden he is on everyone’s radar after landing the blockbuster reboot Man Of Steel. There is not much to say to justify Henry being on the list. Just look at the picture.

Henry Cavill