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‘The Glades’ Canceled By A&E, Angry Fans Start Online Petition

The Glades Season 5

The Glades has been canceled by the folks at A&E after four seasons on the cable network.

The police drama followed the adventures of a Chicago cop who moves to the wilds of Florida and joins the state police. Australian actor Matt Passmore starred as Jim Longworth on the series. Unfortunately, A&E has decided to pull the proverbial plug.

Fans of The Glades are no doubt a little irritated by the news of the show’s cancellation. According to Digital Spy, the series’ fourth season ended with a cliffhanger. Since the cable network isn’t moving forward with the fifth series, the story won’t be properly resolved.

The end of the fourth season found Longworth getting shot on his wedding day. Since viewers won’t receive a conclusion to this cliffhanger, many are very angry about A&E’s decision. In fact, someone has already started a petition on in hopes of getting the network to change its mind.

The petition reads:

As your first scripted drama to receive a renewal and give AETV an audience, I’m urging you to reconsider your decision to cancel, “The Glades”. Not only did the season finale receive a high rating, the cast has been superb at interacting with the show’s audience through Twitter, and other social media. They give their time to build the audience, and answer fan questions on a regular basis. With a dedicated fan base, I find it more than reasonable to ask your network to reconsider the decision, and put “The Glades” back on AETV.

There’s always the chance that another network could pick up The Glades following its cancellation. However, no one has stepped forward to snag the rights to the show as of this writing.

Here are a few Twitter reactions to the recent news.

Are you disappointed that A&E decided to cancel The Glades without resolving its season four cliffhanger? Do you think the network will change its mind?

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112 Responses to “‘The Glades’ Canceled By A&E, Angry Fans Start Online Petition”

  1. Marcine Trella

    It's not just the petition…..check out both the Glades FB page and A&E Networks FB page to see the massive number of posts from people protesting this decision who will be boycotting the network altogether from now on because of this insult to the shows fans ( who number in the millions, btw).

  2. Julie Phillips

    You can't leave a show with a cliff hanger. Your audience won't take a chance on your next show because you can't be trusted to respect them. Plenty of people watch The Glades and deserve an ending.

  3. Ashley Jackson

    This is bullshit a season finale is suppose to end with a conclusion and this was not we need a explantion as to why because I know the rating were not lacking in any way and what show is going to replace it a&e you you suck

  4. Missy Shelly

    Seriously, they keep Storage Wars and Barter Kings but cancel Glades? Who is making these decisions? Without The Glades it is unnecessary for me to ever view this station because every bit of other programing they have is mindless crap!

  5. Bobby Pottier

    One of the best shows on. A&E doesn't hold a candle to TNT OR USA. Hope they pick it up and a&e can fill that slot with Maybe another honey boo boo or better yet just sign off permanently. I am done with you. TNT or USA hopefully will make you regret that decision. MORONS

  6. Carol de Jong

    I have no interest in watching A & E TV again since they ended season 4 so shotty. With all the feedback this is getting to bring back the Glades for a 5th season should tell the Network how very disappointed we are in them. If you want a reality show, pick up paper, watch the news but if you want entertainment with class, watch the Glades and you have suspense, humor and love and what a perfect hour spent to watch a decent show. Key word network, DECENT Show. Please, won't another network pick up this great show. They are so far and few between.

  7. Amar Crow

    Its really irritating and rude to your viewer to just cancel like that. There needs to be a regulation or something that forbade networks from cancelling shows with out a proper resolve and not just the hero bleeding on the kitchen floor!

  8. Édouard Boucher

    I had actually really wanted to see this but knowing it was cancelled with a cliff hanger I'll pass. The Glades was brought in to replace some of their shows, and bring back viewers why cancel and shit on the fans that's career suicide. This is the reason why I don't watch modern shows any more there is to much uncertainty.

  9. Erica Green

    It won't matter how much we complain. I can only think of a couple times that I know of where a fan base brought a show back. America's most wanted and Jericho. I shall miss The Glades and if another network picks it up great, if not I'll get over it in a few months. I'll just imagine my own ending to the show.

  10. Lou Anne Jarecki Busdieker

    My husband and I have watched Glades since the very beginning. We enjoy it so immensely. How can you end a series with the main character being shot?

  11. Brandi B

    Show the fans of this show and your network the consideration they deserve. Hell, you could have gave it a proper closing episode or even do a two hour special episode and end it right. I'm done with the network if this is how little they care for their viewers. Four years of people's time tuning in every week and you couldn't take the time to write a proper ending. Shame on you AETV.

  12. Robert Reese

    Evidently, the executives at A&E are the ones that don't watch their on channel or they would have cancelled the shows that deserve to be cancelled and not the ones the audience like. Morons at their best, way to go A&E, no wonder you guys get such bad press, bad decisions are your resumes.

  13. Connie Geresi

    be careful if you click on the link to sign the petition….they connect you to several other petitions backed by Dems! Some I don't agree with but got my name attached ~ had to go back in and deletle all. sneaky

  14. Judy Russell

    REALLY A&E, The Glades is an awesome show and it is very disappointing that you would drop such a good show….Think Twice before moving forward with your decision, it's nice to have a "Good" Summer TV show to watch and You Can Not Just End IT Like You Did……PLEASE BRING "THE GLADES" BACK.

  15. Jay Curtis

    A&E makes yet another mistake by canceling "The Glades" especially with a cliffhanger ending. They've had a solid record of canceling great shows imo such as "The Cleaner" and "Breakout Kings". Hopefully another network will pick up this great show. Worst case at least have a 2 hour special or something to close the show properly

  16. Gwen Hinkle

    What about the people that watch the Glades? Don't we count for anything, The people that don't watch it are the ones having the choice to have it go off. Please put it back. And I'd not at least give us an end,

  17. Brian Kaatz

    A&E does not know how to run a network. You do not cancel your bread and butter shows the show should of been cancelled is Longmire not Glades. But they cancelled Longmire then renewed it so not sure what message that sends but it is pretty obvious they no nothing about running top rated shows.

  18. Brenda Cates

    This really sucks. You get ourinterest in a show then leave us hanging like that. At least when JR got shot Dallas didn't say " you'll never know".

  19. Michelle Snow Kitt

    I can not believe you just up and canceled The Glades, it is by far one of your best shows! How do you end with a awesome cliff hanger and then just cancel the show? Also rob it's fans outta the wedding we have been waiting for, for like 4 seasons! I will never watch another new show from you, I see you have NO respect for your fans if you can just end a show like this! I hope you will at least let the show and the fans have a real ending, go one more season and end it properly! I hope another network will pick up this show and cash in off your HUGE mistake!

  20. Vicki Keller

    I have emailed the 5 top advertising execs on A&E and pointed out how making viewers mad will affect their pay checks. Would be great if others did it too.The. ad people are the backbone.

  21. Kate Parrish

    The writers on The Glades call themselves writers? BOO! BAD JOB. You had all of us going, kept us going, and then you end the season with him being killed off???? How dare you! You probably also knew that is was going to be canceled! I am sorry, but you screwed with the fans and A & E screwed their network. Will drop A & E from my shows to watch. Will get Ducks on dvd when they come out.

  22. Leanna Orr

    They need to continue the show. As a summer show it was great to be able to count on The Glades every year. BRING BACK THE GLADES!

  23. Hayley Pritchard Was Seaborne

    I totally agree, its good watching the Glades, and the charaters are well played. Please save the show. I'm in the U.K and in the middle of watching series 4 and enjoying it. Its nice to have a show that has NO swearing and real violence. Please lets see series 5

  24. Claire Herring

    I looked forward to the summer when The Glades would be on again. I wished that it were on year-round! I loved this show and I can't believe those dolts at A&E would cancel it without resolving the story. But hey–we still have the Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars. Oh, wait–I don't watch that crap.

  25. Rebekah Bowden

    A&E is turning into a trash TV channel. They continue to cancel amazing shows. I'm sick of getting into a series only to have it canceled by executives who probably don't watch anything but their golf swing.

  26. Melvin Hill

    They keep some crap on like storeage wars and take off a good drama that shows how smart they are I'm so sick of reality tv! I live reality everyday and shows like the Glades allows you to escape !

  27. Amanda Gibb

    WOW I am pissed about this!!!! I love the Glades!!!! They did this to break out kings another one i was pissed about!!! Whats the point in leaving fans hanging like this !!!!

  28. Kate Chester-Sexton

    I love love love this show. I always looked forward to watching it. Its very disappointing to read that its been cancelled!! You can't leave fans hanging like this

  29. Michael Doyle

    what the hell that is so wrong to end a show that way . an it is a hell of a show . keep up the good work a&e most if not all are pure crap I was looking forward to this season now i'll have to use my amagination why do all networks cancel the good ones

  30. Michael Doyle

    why the hell would cancel a great show like the glades an not finish what you started now the fans may never know what happens not good an not fair to the fans

  31. Barbara Collier

    COME ON!!! The GLADES was a really great series, and THIS is how you choose to go out? Maybe the network was looking for this kind of controversy…WELL COUNT ME OUT! A&E really messed up this time!!! BOYCOTT Boooooooo hissssss

  32. Barbara Conklin

    OMG!! How in the heck can A&E plan to end a show in that way knowing how upset, disappointing and angry the viewers would be. I hope will A&E might come to there senses and reconsider this foolish decision. A&E is no longer on my watch list of networks.

  33. Debbie Bush

    I can't believe A&E did this to the Fans of The Glade. Bet they will do the same thing to Longmire. What is wrong with these people. I hope another network picks this show up and gives it the respect it deserves.

  34. Robin May Klein

    Please reconsider. We look forward every Summer to watching the Glades. I cannot believe you would end it on such a huge cliffhanger. We love the characters . Please reconsider because I would really hate to lose it and I think Longmire needs a good show as a lead in.

  35. Leah Menk

    Please write to Mr.David McKillop at A&E: He is rumored to have been very involved in the cancellation. We also have the other contacts at different networks, but need to keep the pressure on A&E. People have been sending Golf Balls with Save the Glades written on them to McKillop! Lots of great efforts going on !
    With 3.4 MILLION VIEWERS A&E's management decides to cancel "The Glades".
    UPPER MANAGEMENT SHOULD BE DISSOLVED !!! Really ? They must give those positions to, well, just ANYBODY ! You can't even wonder WHAT they were thinking when they made this foolish decision because they OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T EVEN THINKING AT ALL. Nice to know that A&E values those 3.4 MILLION VIEWERS so highly. PLEASE SIGN THESE PETITIONS TO SAVE THE GLADES

  36. Donna Johnson

    As much as I like longmire I won't watch it anymore because I see the way they end their shows I will no longer invest my time on and A&E programming it would be nice if USA or TNT would pick it up glades up it would probably get a lot more viewers the only programming I have ever watched on A&E was the glades and longmire and they took my favorite away and I'm not feeling any loyalty at this point

  37. Vynetta Peavler Glass

    Well since I already pay for a&e, boycotting the channel won't really matter. Boycotting the companies that purchase time to advertise on a&e is a different story.

  38. Anonymous



  39. Trudie Sheak

    TheGlades should be renewed by A#E or then USA or TNT, they have good shows that the Glades would fit in perfectly. There are so many fans that to end the last season stunk big time. So lets petition thosenetworks and see what we can do. Ihave written USA AND TNT so lets all petition them. We have to keep it going.

  40. Trudie Sheak

    I am disgusted that Glades had to end the way it did. Not good!!! We as fans should be treated better as we are the ones that make these people stars and desserving they are. Matt is so darn handsome he can't be written off. Shame on you A@E.

  41. Maria Clements

    I just cannot believe this news. The Glades is a great show. I've watched since season 1. And can't understand Why .! Plz bring it back.

  42. Pat Tatro

    Put the Glades on 1more year or sell it USA..TNT or etc
    You should not treat us.your audience & subscribers like
    this.Ive been with you before the black adder.I'm important.

  43. Jeannie Young Hennig

    Hey, this is not right. You left us hanging and now are not going to finish the story. I have been wondering if there was going to be a wedding or not. Why did you cancel it with ratings so high? There aren't that many shows that we like to watch & getting to be less every day, unless we want to watch the reality show & we don't. We are down to watching about 6 good shows a week now. Maybe 7. 3 on Tuesday, 1 on Wednesday, 2 on Friday & 1 on Sunday. Otherwise we watch history most of the time. I am beginning to think we need to quick paying for TV. Just turn the off. Too expensive & nothing to watch.

  44. Patty Murphy

    Arts & ENTERTAINMENT!!!!! Not anymore….you keep Dog the bounty hunter and Duck Dynasty and fools bidding on defaulted storage units snd cancel The Glades…..I haven't much entertaining on A&E lately.

  45. Kris Sheffield

    I can't believe y'all cancelled that show i made it a point to watch it on mon @ on sun mornings i hope un realize what a bad mistake y'all have made

  46. Marie Elizabeth

    Come on NBC.. pick up the show.. you wont be disappointed!! Its both intriguing and I love the witty sarcasm. I strongly urge a big network to grab it up.. its a hot damn

  47. Todd Anderson

    Hey they have canceled the Glades and no fired Phil Robertson. The hell with A&E!

  48. Brenda Dowell

    What are you people thinking you can't cancel the glades you would rather keep stupid shows like reality shows than a family show the reality shows are retarded I will never watch this station again

  49. Barb Steffens

    Of all the shows to cancel. We are sick of realiity shows that are nothing but obscenities and violence and then a show comes along that is actually entertaining and off it goes! I have watched this show from episode one and now this. I will admit it wasn't til last night that I realized, wow it has not come back and now I find it has been cancelled.
    This show has drama, humor and love and a cast that clicks. Bye bye A & E

  50. Anonymous

    At least give us a finale. Cancelling The Glades without proper closure is just wrong. What harm could giving us another couple of episodes or even a 2 hour finale to the show? I feel the loyal fans of the show deserve to have the wedding and the ending that we all hung on for 4 seasons to see… how dare you end the show on such a note,,,,,

  51. Anonymous

    At least give us a finale. Cancelling The Glades without proper closure is just wrong. What harm could giving us another couple of episodes or even a 2 hour finale to the show? I feel the loyal fans of the show deserve to have the wedding and the ending that we all hung on for 4 seasons to see… how dare you end the show on such a note,,,,,

  52. Lynn Nordlund

    You can't leave the fans hanging like this….We need to know who shot Jim & if anyone will save him so he & Callie can get married….I was eagerly waiting for the next season to start….DAMN YOU A & E!!!!!!!

  53. Jonathan Jimenez

    Please bring it back…it a really good show and funny…love the story…you guys can't let it end like that…not fair…please bring it back

  54. Marie Bornemann

    I loved that show!! They can't end it now. What's going to happen with Jim? What about the wedding? You can't leave us hanging.

  55. Christine Breukers

    I can't believe they canceled the glades and they play the duck show on and the store age wars and other shows like that but the one show that is a tv program and good they cancel

  56. Robyn Tueller Oliver

    Are you kidding me? The Glades is a great show. Why would you cancel it? In a world of stupid mind numbing reality shows there is finally something worth watching and you cancel it?
    It looks like A&E just wants to be a reality or rerun channel. Why keep showing reruns of shows like CSI Miami (that I used to like until it was shown over and over) when you have a great original show like The Glades?

    stupid move!!

  57. Rick Frederick

    You know, soooo typical of idiots in management positions. Everything was right about that show, so it would make sense to cancel it!!! SEE YA LATER A&E. NEVER AGAIN,PERIOD.

  58. Jaqueline Cheese

    Oh yes I'm extremely upset,angry,frustrated that A&E would cancel a great addictive show like The Glades and keep so many stupid programs they air such as Barter King Bad Ink,shipping was from EVERY CITY in the US So I am reallly over that shows like that A%E is loosening me especially during the summer months and how could A&E leave us with a great finale Please bring it back.

  59. Lana Pugh Kramer

    Seriously? You can't do that. A & E you are out of control you need new people making these programing decisions. You need to listen to the viewers.

  60. James Poe Sherry

    Do not cancel Glades best show ever keep the show

  61. Betty Anne Smith

    Why !why must you cancel the best show on a&e. I've had enough of storage wars and duck dynasty. Please rethink your decision.

  62. Kristy Sutton

    I am really mad i have to know what happened. They need to let them make a season 5. I waited all this time this sucks I hate this.

  63. Kristy Sutton

    I am really mad i have to know what happened. They need to let them make a season 5. I waited all this time this sucks I hate this. this was a really good show y can't they take others one that ant good off. and leave that one alone

  64. Laurie Miller Cardinal

    What They can't do this to us. You can not just leave up hanging and then say OH were done. Bring The Glades Back. Were can I find this petition so I can sign it.

  65. Vernon Velte

    You can't leave the show ending like that. Bring it back for a final season and actually end it the right way. It's a great show.

  66. Catherine Checketts Gravatt

    Exactly!! Like duck dynasty! Storage wars! All Crap!!!

  67. Barbara Ogden

    Just found out the glades was cancelled.very upset! Not sure I will watch a&e anymore for fear of having another cancelled!

  68. Elaine Matlack

    Oh goody, now we can watch more shopping network,church, sports or better yet honey boo boo and more garbage, sure glad I have 200 channels of garbage shows? How stupid can a network get.?

  69. Lori Knowlton-Woods

    Wtf! I'm stunned at the blanket stupidity of A&E "powers that be". Brilliant decisions abound at the network! I foolishly subscribe to the theory that, where entertainment is concerned, network decision makers would actually realize that their success is in direction proportion to giving the viewers what we want! Isn't that truly their only resposibility? "The Glades" is too well written, is it? Damn those talented actors and writers and crew. Didn't they know the secret to TV longevity with A&E is to suck at their jobs!? I'm pretty sure the network should …wait for iiiiiitt…give us what we want! Good shows! Starting with "The Glades"!

  70. Robbi E Hyde

    That's bull….I've been waiting for it to return and just to hear it's not coming back……get rid of these reality shows. They bore me to death and they r not reality anyway. We need the glades back. Cancel a a reality show if you need room.

  71. James W Ducarme

    R u ppl f@#king stupid glades is your best show on your station and u decide to just cancelle it on a cliffhanger u r ppl bloody mentality retarded ?! Cuase of this absolutely stupid move I will no longer be watching your channel or station or network again & I dont care what shows or movies u put on there ! What u have done is just plain brain dead thats the one show I got my wife into so we could watch together and enjoy eachothers company thanks for nothing u idiot losers !!!!!!!

  72. Will Seabrook

    Seriously? You expected quality from a station dominated by the likes of Shipping Wars, Storage Wars, and the ever racist , bigoted and homophobic Duck Dynasty? Get your head out of your ass ;).If you can extract your cranium from your rectum then you are a step ahead of A&E….

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