Pick up five amazing indie games for $1

The Humble Indie Bundle, a collection of independently developed video games offered on a pay-what-you-want basis, first debuted in May 2010 and raised well over $1 million for indie developers and charity.

And now there’s a sequel! The Humble Indie Bundle 2 can be downloaded from HERE for as little as a buck, with proceeds going to charity or the developers (you choose where your cash goes!). It contains Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos, and Revenge of the Titans, and is available for the Mac, Windows or Linux.

These just aren’t any old crappy games, either. Games like Braid (90% on Metacritic), the beautiful Machinarium (85%), and Osmos (80%) are fine, fine titles. And while I’ve yet to try Revenge of the Titans or Cortex Command, I’d bet on them being worth [INSERT YOUR PRICE HERE] as well!

So, err, what are you waiting for? It’s cheap as you want it to be (though don’t be a total skinflint, eh?), will net you some amazing titles, and does some good for charity. Stop playing Call of Duty, Slackjaw, and try something more imaginative for a few hours.

[Via Humble Bundle]