duncan hines amazing glazes racist

[Video] Did Duncan Hines invent the most racist cupcakes on the internet?

I know what you’re thinking- racist cupcakes? No way anyone can accidentally do that.

But it appears Duncan Hines has, at least for a short time, managed to actually make cupcakes singing in blackface for a commercial. Eater snagged a clip of the questionable commercial after Duncan Hines scrubbed the footage for their “Amazing Glazes” line from YouTube. (As we know, removing the clip will only drive searches for it, thus driving interest in it, heretofore evermore associating the brand with blackface cupcakes.)

The screenshot above depicts the cupcakes in all their racially insensitive glory, but you can click through to watch the clip as the cupcakes beatbox and otherwise manage to be totally cringeworthy. Do you think you could have missed the blackface connection watching this clip, ever? Do you find it offensive, or are they just, as Duncan Hines dubbed the clip, “Hip Hop Cupcakes?”

[via ONTD]