Apple iPhone 3GS

Best Buy May Give Away Free iPhone 3GS Units On December 10

If you plan on taking advantage of last minute Christmas deals for your upcoming iPhone 3GS purchase you may want to wait until December 10 and then head on over to Best Buy. A rumor began circulating today that the big box electronics chain will give away the 8GB iPhone 3GS for free on that day for users willing to sign a 2-year AT&T iPhone contract.

Details about the rumored sale are not yet known, although it’s rumored that the discount would be taken at the counter which means no mail-in-rebates.

AT&T has recently hinted that their iPhone exclusivity deal is about to come to an end, while promising to get as many iPhone’s into their users hands as possible before the end of 2010.

The move would make sense as it would allow AT&T to lock in as many customers as possible before Verizon receives their CDMA version of the iPhone series and then other carriers follow suit.