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E-cigarettes Health Risk: Are They As Bad As The Real Thing?

E-cigarettes Health Risks The Same As Normal Cigarettes, Study Finds

E-cigarettes may pose a health risk not dissimilar to real cigarettes, a study has found.

The National Consumer Institute, a French magazine, asserted on Monday that E-Cigarettes contain: “A significant quantity of carcinogenic molecules,” which has so far gone undetected.

E-Cigarettes utilize heat to essentially vaporize the liquid nicotine which is inhaled when puffing, to offer smokers their much needed fix. As they contain no tobacco nor produce smoke, they have until now been considered safe, with no health implications for the user.

The French magazine which broke the story about the new research says that researchers, using a new method of testing, found that the amount of formaldehyde in some E-cigarettes was that of tobacco cigarettes. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen which is known to be adverse to health.

If that wasn’t enough a very toxic molecule, known as acrolein, was detected in some E-cigarettes. The report said that some of the samples tested showed even higher levels of the molecule than in cigarettes.

The Bangkok Post also reported on the E-cigarettes health scare, urging the public to be weary of the product:

“The small studies that have been done so far hint at both pros and cons; one found that smokers cut back on real cigarettes after trying the electronic kind, while another found particles of metal and and silicates in e-cigarette vapor that could cause breathing problems. It would be great if e-cigarettes turned out to be the breakthrough that gets people to give up smoking tobacco. In the meantime, we should all be careful that e-cigarettes not perpetuate a habit that society has come a long way toward snuffing out.”

Not everyone is convinced though by the new research. Lindsay Fox from the New York Times, a long time advocate of E-cigarettes, said:

“Allowing anti-smoking ideology to dictate e-cig legislation would condemn smokers to using ineffective quitting strategies or dying premature, tar-sodden deaths, but evidence-based regulation that prioritizes public health would cause a revolution in tobacco harm reduction.”

It remains to be seen what other E-cigarettes health scares will be revealed as more research is carried out on them. What do you think of E-cigarettes? Are they safe? are you concerned about the latest research, if you are a smoker? Share your comments in the feed below.

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5 Responses to “E-cigarettes Health Risk: Are They As Bad As The Real Thing?”

  1. Ryan Wagner

    I smoked for 10 years and tried every method to quit, aside from the patch, and it wasn't until I found the e-cig that I was able to quit for real. It has been awesome for myself and my family. I find that many of these so called research projects are done by cigarette companies that have been losing money against the e-cig. I wouldn't be surprised to find the same about this research as being true.

  2. Aimee Bills

    Today is my 13th day without a cigarette. I have used an e-cig to help me through the worst part of it and don't think I could have come this far without it. I sure hope they aren't bad for you because they have really helped me.

  3. Jamie Walker

    I have smoked for well over 1/2 of my life, and until e cigs, nothing worked to kick that nasty habit. I agree with Ryan Wagner about the funding by big cig companies worried about e cigs cutting into their profit. I also think these studies showing these effects come from the gas station e cigs that came from China, who knows what is in those things! If they are going to make the claims about the carcinogens they are finding, they need to disclose what type they were testing because they are NOT all the same.

  4. David Knox

    shame on you! for writing an article such as this.. I ask you now to disclose your intentions on writing drivel such as you realise e-cigarettes are saving thousands of lives across the world as a safer alternative to smoking articles such as this propaganda laden bullshit could scare some people into going back to real cigarettes and endangering their lives..articles such as this really annoy me! do some proper research and get of your backside instead of plagiarising obvious pharmaceutical propaganda fed any of these lab reports and you will have some understanding of proper tests on e-cigarettes and also the good people who read reports such as yours can find the truth out for themdelves..the truth will out it always does.

  5. David Knox

    anything is better than real cigarettes Aimee I smoked for 50 years i'm 63 now AND SINCE I RESEARCHED AND MOVED OVER to e cigarettes 3 months ago the change in my health has been amazing..the wheezing has stopped sense of taste has returned..i no longer puff and pant going up hill on the golf course.i have tons more energy and also I had severe heartburn for many years and was taking zantac to relieve the symptoms my relief stopping smoking seemed to cure this ailment and I have no problems of this nature since..a bonus :) no smelly clothes ashtrays or second hand smoke affecting other people if you copy and paste the link I have posted up above in a earlier comment there are some proper tests on e-cigs you can peruse in your own time the rubbish article we are posting on is just pharmaceutical propaganda put onto the internet to scare people into using their own and pretty useless products..3 months free of cigarettes and feeling great..whats not to like :)

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