allergy tattos could be coming to a school near you

Allergy Tattoos Could Be A Great Solution To Keep Kids Safe At School

Allergy tattoos are fast becoming way for parents to keep allergic kids safe at school. They seem like a good extra layer of precaution and who doesn’t want that.

Many children suffer from peanut and other allergies and that can present a problem when they are in school fending for themselves.

Most schools that are aware of kids allergies are very good at accommodating the condition and doing what is needed to make them safe, but things can still fall through the cracks.

Recently, tragedy struck when a 13-year-old girl died of an allergic reaction after eating a cookie which contained peanuts after being assured it didn’t.

Safety Tat founder and mother of three, Michele Welsh, is catering to parents of kids with food allergies by selling temporary tattoos and long lasting write-on skin stickers.

The allergy tattoos and write on stickers idea came after Welsh used a ballpoint pen to write her cell phone number on her kids while at a busy park in case they got separated.

That incident got her thinking of way in which having a more permanent marking on the child’s body would help parents like her sister-in-law, who has a child with a deadly peanut allergy.

Welsh said that when she created the tattoos the reaction was immediate. She says it’s almost like having the parent there reminding others of their kids’ allergies.

There are several other companies that offer similar products to parents who want to keep their kids safe. Peanut Free Zone also offers temporary tattoos and AllerMates sells stickers, wristbands, and dog tags which alert others to allergies.

However, some question that the tattoos could bring on bullying and other unwanted attention to a child that is seen as “different” by peers.

The solution according to Welsh would be to make “something more hip” for older kids, a tattoo that looks more like the real thing.

In any case, allergy tattoos could be what parents have been looking for to bring attention to their kids condition and keep them safe while at school.

[Image via Safety Tat]