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Forget Twilight Reviews: Stewart to Play Man in ‘K-11’!


While looking up Twilight movie reviews and listings (screaming fans, show yourselves!), you might want to check out an MTV Exclusive that’s looking past 2008 and onto Kristen Stewart’s next role– as a man. According to their report, Twilight co-stars Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed will reunite in a few weeks in a film called K-11.

Reed revealed earlier this week that “I’m doing a movie called ‘K-11’ in January with Kristen Stewart. It’s about a little-known section of the men’s county jail. I’m playing a man, and Kristen’s playing a boy.”

Jules Stewart, Kristen’s Stewart’s mother, is said to be directing the film, which is based on the dormitory section called “K-11″ in the Los Angeles jail used to house gay inmates. Regarding their next parts played as men, Reed said that “I suppose I would be [nervous about the handling of our transformations] if it were coming from left field, but I’ve known about the script for a very long time.”

Now that’s a change from Twilight madness!

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3 Responses to “Forget Twilight Reviews: Stewart to Play Man in ‘K-11’!”

  1. Chrissie

    Might I add. THe Scene in biology class, was more FUnny than serious on the matter? How can someone about to devour you in the middle of the class seem so funny? Jaspers face was wide eyed and crazy. Edward looked great even tho he seemed to be having a spasm or seizure. =( I know most books that turn into a movie have to much to film. bt I saw plenty of places they could of done it like the book instead of something else. Bella and her father are supposed to have that stand offish relationship, and Edward is to sneak around for a little bit before he knows about them, not drive her to him. That relationship was all wrong too. And where does it say Bella has a cell phone of her own in the book? The whole hotel room at the end, doesnt even let jasper show his power of calming her down.. and getting away from them was way to easy, alice and jasper were supposed to watch her even more closely after the horrible vision. Really people. it needs to be remade, AND MADE RIGHT.

    The Movie butchered the book. It was to rushed and didn't follow the guidelines of the story at all, the faces were over dramatic, and seemed well-rehearsed.

    Edward didn't even say “I love you” to Bella as he had in the book.

    Everything was VERY wrong! If you love the books then Im surprised your not disappointed in the movie.

    It didn't even emphasize how bad Edward did not want her to be a vampire, or how he needed to be careful. The wrong ppl said the wrong lines according to who said them in the book.. I wanted to get up and walk out on the movie, it was very sad for me to watch.
    Way to rushed and key elements and scenes left out. I can not believe he didnt say “I Love you, and I'm here as long as you need me, Bella” not even one little “I Love you”
    Clearly the actors/actress's were not so devoted to their character by not even attempting to read the book.
    I do hope when New Moon is made it will be more -to the book-and less weird. I don't think I could suffer another disapoint

  2. Phia

    Twilight is an amazing movie. It is also inspirational. It is sad, happy, scary, and even benefiting. I would not make fun of it at all. It is just so awesome. I would never say one bad thing about it. I love their books and I love the movie! After it I totally felt exactly like Edward. The movie just sucks you into it and I aw it over the weekend and I loved it. I hope you like it to. It will seriously suck you into it. WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shanshan

    seriously, if you hate the movie so much then dont write about it? GET OVER IT! loved the film, loved the books. Going to be weird seeing Kristen as a man. Does anybody know f K-11 comes out before New Moon?
    thank you x

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