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Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMAs Performance Shocks Twitter [Video]

MTV Video Music Awards

If you thought Miley Cyrus’ performance at Sunday evening’s MTV Video Music Awards was a little shocking, then you’re certainly not the only one.

Shortly after the “We Can’t Stop” singer performed alongside Robin Thicke, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar, people swarmed social media to share their thoughts and feelings about the show. Although she certainly has her supporters, quite a few people were shocked by her behavior.

Since Cyrus seems determined to move as far away as humanly possible from her Hannah Montana days, the singer went above and beyond the call of duty during her VMAs performance. Not only did she twerk on several occasions, she also spent a fair amount of time fiddling with her crotch.

After kicking things off in a strange bodysuit, Miley Cyrus ripped off the costume in favor of a very revealing two-piece. The outfit left very little to the imagination. More twerking and some uncomfortable moments with a foam finger ensued.

While the singer may have thought she was being daring and provocative during the MTV Video Music Awards, quite a few people believed she took things a little too far. Even Will Smith’s family seemed horrified by the events that were unfolding on-stage during the show.

Despite the backlash she’s receiving for her appearance at the VMAs, Miley Cyrus seemed to accomplish her mission. Before she was finished with her rendition of “We Can’t Stop,” people were talking about her performance. At the end of the day, that’s what every artist really wants.

Below you can find a series of Twitter reactions to her stint at the awards show.

Did you miss the singer’s performance at the VMAs on Sunday evening? Have a look at the video embedded below. Keep in mind that it may not be considered very safe for work. There’s also a chance MTV could yank the clip at any moment, so enjoy it while you can.

Were you shocked by Miley Cyrus’ performance at the MTV Video Music Awards?

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105 Responses to “Miley Cyrus’ MTV VMAs Performance Shocks Twitter [Video]”

  1. Kathleen M. Davis-Pinney

    Ok.. A bit racey. But I'm sure she was put up to it

  2. Marie Klingenfuss

    I hope Robin Thicke's wife knocked Miley on her trashy little ass. SO gross. I turned my tv off, didn't want to see it or have my kids watch it. Tasteless. Oh but everyone is talking about her now so I guess she got what she wanted, the poor little attention whore.

  3. James Crafford

    Handjob motions, ass in the face, ass in the crotch and TEDDY BEARS! Child porn. Girl needs to be arrested.

  4. Lauren Henry-Drouin

    I don't have a problem with the song but seriously kids watch vma and her shes pushing it too much I refuse to let my daughter to see her perform I feel sorry for her family and how disappointed they must be in her and all that talent being put to waste.

  5. Janet Moxcey

    the tongue is longer than Kiss's tongue back in the day very gross, rather see a cow like a salt lick.

  6. Sherry Castro

    Looks like a really bad snl skit, and looks as if she's trying be a rocker, acting like shes black singing pop. What a disgusting disgrace!

  7. Kimberly Tutor-Smith

    That girl….is just a shame to her family…What she is doing to the family name is just awful. She can go through life with dignity and class but chooses to do the raunchy and trashy style…..and it is just gross and nasty…GO UP MILEY….IT AIN'T CUTE TO ANY ONE! Show some class and if you have none…..go and learn some from someone…..You totally suck at life!

  8. Mary Batson

    I must say that I believe that she should not be considered a role model. Kids come up preggers from "this" being a role model and the parents are clueless to why……Hmmmmm a girl that wears nothing basically, a shitty dancers, and fucks a foam finger wow what role model material!

  9. Brenda Bergquist


  10. Darlene Arnold Osborn

    I'm pretty sure she didn't choreograph it, so you can't blame it all on her. If she didn't have that hand on, nobody would complain. MJ held his hand over his crotch all the time. I don't think it was all that bad. Don't watch it if it's too much for you.

  11. Lori Houck

    Porn… I hope her fiancée drops her ass. She's an untalented, skanky pig.

  12. Pat Melton-Stark

    I'm sorry to see that Miley who has real talent has stooped to these types of antics in her performances. The dance moves, the facial expressions, the VERY suggestive actions during both her "bear" routine and even more in the duet with Robin Thicke are not appropriate for her to do nor for children or adults to watch on TV. Hopefully, she will soon be able to temper her ambition with some common sense. People will tire of this, and she will have to reinvent herself once more, if she wishes to stay in the spotlight. Please think about it, MIley – is this really the way you want your talent remembered? I hope not. :(

  13. Ricardo J Alexander

    She's out of control, and disgusting. Stop fueling the fire, and giving her all this attention. She's like a starving kid that feels they are missing out on something.The looks on other celebs faces told the story…bottom line!

  14. Athena Stewart

    How sad. I felt so embarrassed for her. What an outre performance.

  15. Amanda Evans-Hipple

    I under stand its all about the ratings & making people talk. In the spot light any talk is better then no talk. But she could have kept it a little more classy.. What was the deal with the tongue hanging out, I was waiting for her to trip over it… The look on my face was priceless watching this last night. Her parent's must be so proud, I'm sure they was Shaking there head as well. All can say is "TRASHY" no "CLASS" haven "LOST" Girl Trying to find herself! Just a mater of time till we hear of her going through the same hell as Amanda Bines and Linsey Lohan…… Keep using miley, Miley Cyrus.

  16. Debi Mathews Owen

    OMG Mylie have some respect for yourself! What the hell are you thinking? Such great talent shot to HELL…

  17. Marilyn Carl OConnell

    What a tramp!! She needs to learn some decency (not from her father who encourages her slutty behavior).

  18. Angie Brown

    Now, I really like the song, but her performance was just the trashiest thing I've ever seen. It's not just her though, if you go out to the clubs or watch a lot of the younger generation, this is what they do. I've witnessed some young women in there 30's that I work with, behaving in the same manner at a company party. They don't see anything wrong with it. A lot of young women nowdays just don't get that you can be sexy and empowered without putting it all out there on display or that there is something to be said for leaving some things up to the imagination.

  19. Sandy Rahlfs

    Oh, my word. This is total trash! Miley has come so far away from her beginnings. I am thoroughly and absolutely disgusted, saddened and so embarrassed for such a trashy performance. Even Cher, in her day, didn't uncover this much, even in her trashiest outfits. Yuck!

  20. Sandy Rahlfs

    But she didn't have to do what she did, even if it was racy and disgusting. She could have decided against this awful display.

  21. Jessica Harrison

    I know my daughter walked in when she was performing and I made her leave the room! Miley was disgusting and terrible!! I think she was trying to hard.

  22. Sharon Hinnen

    If you think she had nothing to do with choreographing this trashy c r a p then you need help. I'm sure she was forced to play with her crotch, rub her a*s*s on Thicke's crotch and make vile moves with the foam finger. She definitely looked like she was enjoying her s lutt y dance, if you can call it a dance, so I'm sure that was an act also as she is didn't act like someone threatened her if she didn't dance like a pole dancing hook er.

  23. Sharon Hinnen

    I believe she would do quite well in the p o r n trade. Looks like she been getting it down to a science. Maybe a pole dancing h ooker.

  24. Wish Koast

    The VMAs are a joke anyway. getting an award for being a puppet is sad. you don't like it? you should of thought of that before you decided to make Ignorant people famous.

  25. Yvette Baysinger Fitzjarrald

    Ah but she has everyone talking, eh? That's what this is about. If people quit talking she's a wash-out. So out with boring, in with shocking. Anything to keep 'em talking. Gag.

  26. Sherl McGee Heinemeier Walkenbach

    I bet her Mom and Dad is really proud of the way she acted. If that ways my kid I think I would have beat her ass. I remember when my kids watch her on tv thought she was Great now think she is a SLUT.

  27. Tamara Zahn

    I actually didn't think it was that bad! she was doing nothing more than the back up dancers were! RELAX PEOPLE!

  28. MJ Fischer

    I was saying the same thing alot of the little girls look up to her what she did was Disgusting and shocking I am so glad my daughter out grew her

  29. Lesley Hampton

    Personally? A silly little girl trying to shock who sings off key for most of the time.

  30. Emmy Guckert

    She is a Rihanna wannabe looking for attention anyway she can get it…….. Robin Thicke would have known ahead of time what moves would be used. They planned it and it paid off.

  31. Francyne Mannella Brunette

    she is a disgusting person… talent…..needs to act like a pig for attention.

  32. Alysia Rairdan

    I was thinking the same thing. Makes me miss Hannah! Why do so many of the good female singers feel the need to grow up into something trashy and vulgar that we can't let our children watch anymore. I know she has the right to do what she wants, she's an adult, but the trashy, slutty act is way overdone! So disappointing because she really does have great talent!

  33. Robert Lee Bickle

    Though I tuned into the awards, I missed this part. Wish I hadn't even watched this one now. One hell of a lust demon out of control thanks to all the b/s witchcraft spells and charms I noticed in the video. Miley was definitely the product of some love spell hidden behind a lust demon for sure… Manipulating nor intimidating gets one to nowhere, eventually.

  34. Susan English Habermann

    She is disgusting and should be ashamed of her behavior. Where the hell are her parents anyway?

  35. Sharon Weaver Hernandez

    I personally went to church and don't watch this kind of trash..I would like to say her dad said several years back his child wouldn't act like Brittany Spears..Well dad she acts worst than Brittany..Your daughter is a trashy little girl..Parents don't let your kids listen to this trash and they will be good kids..That's what's wrong in America everythings goes and it's killing our young generation with the music and movies our young people are watching..I'm sadden by what America is coming too…God have mercy on us…

  36. Linda Robertson

    Our kids are learning that in our Country its not how you make your money, its that you find a way to make it… any way you can. Illegal, legal, immoral, moral. We don't care any more. Look at big time evangelism, Look at big business, Look at our Sports figures, look at Miley.

  37. Tom Hruschak

    Devil's advocate–Why was it okay for Michael Jackson to grab at his crotch and gyrate, for Elvis to do his gyrations, and for countless others to dance suggestively (eg: Britney, Madonna) but not for her? Granted, she was over the top and left nothing to the imagination, but it's no different than the way young girls have been dancing in clubs for years. I thought it was just stupid, and I could care less for hip hop music, so it wasn't a big shocker for me (notice that 90% of the people here trashing her are women). But I suppose if I had a 12 year old daughter watching the performance and wanting to imitate her dance moves I would feel differently. Miley was a lot prettier and sexier as Hannah Montana…now she's just acting like some cheap exotic dancer.

  38. Amy Reese-Donahue

    she sounded horrible and yeah nasty.. She's supposed to be a role model… Tsk tsk tsk tsk!!

  39. Sharon Weaver Hernandez

    I didn't watch it until I heard all the fuss about it on TV..So I watched very little, and was shocked with the way she was acting on stage..What a naughty little girl?? If she is a role model for younger people, lord help us..She is disgusting!!It's so bad they took the video off of several websites..I think she is on drugs big time..Sad and Taylor Swift is starting to act just like her..I personally don't think either of them can sing..Just my opinion..

  40. Michael Musicman Garceau

    One of my favorite lines from "The Crucible" fits so well with this tramp's performance "IT IS A WHORE!"

  41. Shirley Decenso

    This must be the only way she can keep her name in the news and people talking. whoever is giving her advice, needs to shut up.

  42. Marie Klingenfuss

    Wish Koast Back in the day, they used to actually award artists who wrote their own music and put originality into their stuff. Now its a circus show. My sons wanted to watch, they like that music sadly.Theres not enough real music anymore period. Fame makes ignorant people, the media just glorifies their ignorance. Even if she wasn't famous though I would disapprove of her behavior, it was gross.

  43. Doris Doherty

    Who in hell told this twit she had anything resembling talent?/ Oh yeah, I remember now. It was her no talent.
    parents especially the "achky breaky heart" Dufus. A shame. Another throw away kid!

  44. Doris Doherty

    Who in hell told this twit she had anything resembling talent?/ Oh yeah, I remember now. It was her no talent.
    parents especially the "achky breaky heart" Dufus. A shame. Another throw away kid!

  45. Doris Doherty

    Who in hell told this twit she had anything resembling talent?/ Oh yeah, I remember now. It was her no talent.
    parents especially the "achky breaky heart" Dufus. A shame. Another throw away kid!

  46. Venus Gage

    She just danced and performed if it were a guy doing it then no one would have said anything. Madonna did the same thing, Britney Spears, and Pink all have done crazy stuff on stage. Not to mention Christina Aguilera and Shakira have also grinded on their back up dancers. J

  47. Venus Gage

    I don't think entertainers should be role models. there are people that have actually done something in this world real heroes they should be the true role models. Like a President. A teacher. Not a singer.

  48. Ann Hereford

    Miley should be in porn videos. Guess when one really has no talent they have to do something totally gross to get attention!!!!!!

  49. Angie Perez Moore

    And we wonder why kids are so messed up…lack of parental guidance, parental fortitude, low moral standards, no boundaries, no respect, no self respect, no integrity, no faith, live for today and who cares attitude..

  50. Adam Rahl

    And we wonder why EVERY other country hates America…. No hope what the hell happened in the last 10 years….

  51. Rosalie Flores

    Okay, I am really disappointed in Miley. I really liked her and had so much respect for her. Now I will not let my girls watch her. I do believe in being true to your self but this is not who she really is. If she is dong this for shock value than it is really working. But we have to remember who she had to look up to, Lady Gaga, Linsey Lonhan and so on. I am sure her father is not very proud of his little girl anymore.

  52. Chien Desdrive

    Robin Thicke you are just as nasty…why did you let her act like that, what was going on there…what did your wife think, nice way to respect your wife…

  53. James Crafford

    Ron Laramy I know she is 20 but her audience is much younger. All of the vulgar gestures and moves is one thing but combining it with children's "toys" and images is straddling a fine line. I am a teacher. I see under-age girls in class dressed inappropriately all the time, thinking nothing of looking like an exotic dancer with role models like this. I am not prude. But when it comes to kids, I lose it.

  54. Ashley Roberts

    VERY DISGUSTING! What a disrespect to the Cyrus family! Little girls look up to her and what she said was you can grow up and act slutty like me. Get it together Miley! That is NOT ok, OK?

  55. Alison Platt

    Couldnt agree more… MEMO TO MILEY: We all 'get' it, Miley, you grew up, you are a 'woman' now, not 'young, virginal 'Hannah Montana' anymore. Congratulations, you grew up, as we all do. But keep you 'twerping' 'talent (???? haha) to yourself, or in your bedroom with your 'fiancee' ( haha). Some of us with children who actually look up to you do NOT want our kids to 'grow up" in the same fashion – flaunting such a 'talent'. Her parents must be so proud?!?!? Case and point: All the money in the world cannot buy class, sophistication, morals, values, etc. And MEMO to her PARENTS and ADVISORS: this is NOT the way to keep her 'current', try somehing else, something worthwhile and of value to the entertainment industry, the music field, and to society.

  56. Taylor Elise

    She's not acting "black", she's acting ghetto and trashy. There's a HUGE difference. I'm black and I don't act like a hooker on speed.

  57. Julie Yetta Goldberg

    Isn't his the same thing that happened to Britney Spears before her 'meltdown' and she went completely bonkers!

  58. Taylor Elise

    Was he touching her? No. What did you want him to do, knock her off the stage in the middle of his performance?? I'm sure if he could have prevented her from ruining his performance he would have. The vma's isn't a serious even anyways.

  59. Julie Yetta Goldberg

    Trashy performance. Nothing good about it, absolutely nothing.

  60. Felicia Cupple Bishop

    And…she she got exactly what she was after…attention.

  61. Sue Frederick

    Well Miley if you were wanting attention you sure got it! This was way beyond being Hannah Montana for sure… What can ya say it's entertainment! I wouldn't think her handsome husband would like her rubbing her ass into some other guys groin…that's going too far!

  62. Denise Cope

    She has no class! What's with the tongue and all the humping. Give me a break. She won't last!

  63. Lex Bryan

    Nice promotion. But it's like watching a fish tries to fly.
    It's a bad performance IMO.

  64. Doug Olias Vencill

    Well, there's 6+ minutes of my life I'll never get back. Started seeing all the hoopla about this on Facebook and decided to finally check her out. Sad. She'll be in rehab before long and if not, she'll be showing up drunk & disorderly at restaurants, slurring to the maitre d, "Don't you know who I AM?"

    I consider myself one of the most musically open-minded people in the world, but I truly feel sorry for the kids of today, having this boring, overproduced, utterly nonmusical garbage shoved down their throats under the labels of MUSIC and TALENT. Thankfully, I believe there is a large enough contingent of today's youth that recognize what tripe this is and have gravitated to REAL musicians, REAL songs, REAL TALENT. I listen to a Southern California eclectic music program on Public Radio, and am truly EXCITED about a lot of the alternative-oriented music that is being put forth today. There is really amazing music being recorded and shared with the public, the kind of music that gives me hope for the future…you just have to dig through all the trash to find it. (Go to iTunes to the Radio section, pull up the "Eclectic" subheading, and pull up KCRW Eclectic 24. You'll thank me later.)

  65. Cathy Ray Bankes

    Looks like she is going through what Britney Spears and Amanda Byrnes did. She has serious problems.

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