Tim Burton

Filmmaker Tim Burton Celebrates 55th Birthday

Today marks Tim Burton’s 55th birthday.

Although it’s not certain what Burton is planning to do to celebrate, we’re positive the eccentric filmmaker is both partying and working hard.

Currently Burton is directing his latest film Big Eyes, which is a drama that centers around the reawakening of painter Margaret Keane (Amy Adams). Focusing on her success in the 1950s and the legal difficulties the artist had with her husband (Christoph Waltz), the film documents the feud that occurred when her husband claimed credit for her works a decade later.

One thing is for certain is that Burton is not directing his good friend and constant collaborator Johnny Depp, on his birthday, but perhaps the two will have a boys night out?

As for fan tributes, people all over the world are doing different homages to honor the filmmaker’s 55th birthday. One Tumblr user that goes by the handle of “psndhrtswllnvrchng” sat through an excrucianting three and a half hours of one tattoo session to honor Burton. The final result is a sleeve of Jack from Burton’s cult hit The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Another particular dedication really takes the cake. Fan and baker Tracey Rothwell has decided to put her cake business to good use, and gathered 100 bakers to celebrate Tim’s birthday.

The result is a Cakenweenie. The baker launched the site to showcase the tremendous cake, which features a Burton collage. For those who can’t see the cake in person, fans can expect a very interactive heavy site to navigate, filled with Burton goodies.

The site explains the process of the gathering of 100 bakers to create the Burton-esque cake collage:

“Each character has been recreated in sugar form, they used cake, cookies, butter cream, fandant, royal icing, modeling chocolate and other edible yumminess. Some were sculpted, some were painted, others were airbrushed and one even made from sugar flowers! The bakers embraced their inner quirkiness, stepped out of their comfort zones, and stamped their own styles all over the chosen characters.”

Check out some of the Cakenweenie creations below:

[Image credit: cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com]