Wiz Khalifa Talks New Music

Wiz Khalifa Talks New Material: I’m Just Trying To Live My Life

Wiz Khalifa has released several new songs to his millions of fans, and now the shoe designer and Twitter leader of 11 million users is opening up about his new work.

Khalifa took to Twitter on Friday on which he proclaimed:

“So yea, I juss dropped another brand new song on http://blacchollywood.com I got my own shoe so fucc it!”

Talking about his “Look Into My Eyes” single, Khalifa said of the song’s producer Sledgren:

“I juss always listen to it n Sledge made the beat n I want you guys to have it.”

To date, Wiz Khalifa has released two songs from his upcoming album Blacc Hollywood. Those songs include “Look Into My Eyes” and “Look What I Got On.”

“Look Into My Eyes” is a reflective song focusing on the industry for which he works. Khalif proclaims on the track:

“My pops tells me I look tired when he look into my eyes. Soon as the cameras come on I know how to look alive. My mom tell me I look stressed when she look into my eyes. So many people in my business I’m just trying to live my life.”

Speaking to Rap Radar, Wiz Khalifa says of the album’s overall feel: “Not really like, black people in Hollywood, but just like a black attitude. Not giving an ‘F’ about anything and just blacking out on the world, so, we’re bringing that to Hollywood.”

In the meantime, Wiz Khalifa is working with famed shoe designer Converse to bring his own fashion sensibility to the shoe manufacturers lineup. The Chuck Taylor manufactured shoes will feature Lo-Top and Hi-Top options and a variety of colors that currently include red, gray, black, and a couple select shades of blue.

Here’s “Look Into My Eyes”:

And “Look What I Got On”:

Are you excited to get your hands on the new Wiz Khalifa album and to see where his inner dialogue takes us this time?