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School Aide Crystal Gunns Found to Have Porn Star Past


A New Jersey school district is divided after learning one of its teacher’s aides is Crystal Gunns, a porn star who’s appeared in numerous adult productions.

Crystal Gunns — or Louisa C. Tuck, as she’s known in the real world — had evidently taken a job working with children at D’Ippolito Elementary School in Vineland, NJ. She helps on the playground and in the cafeteria and tells The Daily Journal it’s been five years since she’s done pornography.

Still, some parents aren’t pleased. The president of the area’s Board of Education says the Crystal Gunns connection is enough for Tuck to be fired. The superintendent, though, is seemingly on her side — suggesting that the district has been “advised against taking action,” the Journal reports. (Legal advisors seemingly told the district it has no legal grounds to terminate an employee based solely on previous employment.)

Tuck also works with kids at a local YMCA. Some parents there called her an “excellent role model” and took no issue with her porn star past.

As for that past, Crystal Gunns appeared in at least three adult-themed movies: “Busty Dildo Lovers #5″ in 2003, “Score Brabusters” in 2002, and “Busty Dildo Lovers #2,” also in 2002. She also still appears to maintain an adult Web site at, though the front page now features only a login prompt for paying members. Nonetheless, finding photos or videos of her pornographic endeavors is easily enough accomplished with a simple search (warning: results may be NSFW). The result midway down the page — at a site called “Lana’s” — contains her full (and very NSFW) adult model profile, which features an unblurred version of the photo above.

Tuck, however, takes issue with all of that affecting her future, telling The Daily Journal that many current role models had questionable pasts.

“If this is about morality, our president-elect has admitted to doing crack, and he’s our president. Does that make him a bad person? Bill Clinton smoked pot. Does that make him a bad person?” she asks.

The school board indicates it will “continue to look into the situation and determine [its] options.”

This is the second case of an educator making headlines for racy photos this week, though the last one had a very different twist. Victoria Ann Chacon, a junior high teacher from Texas, was arrested earlier this week on charges of sending topless photos of herself to a 14-year-old boy.

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17 Responses to “School Aide Crystal Gunns Found to Have Porn Star Past”

  1. Reyito

    Not to split hairs, but our president elect has admitted to using cocaine, not crack.

  2. NONE


  3. Dave

    This is a shame. She's obviously moved on to a job she likes, and it looks like she's good at it.

    Her past is irrelevant to her present job. If they're so outraged that she did porn, they should be congratulating her for leaving porn for a regular job.

    The same hypocrites who criticize her for having done porn will make her life so miserable that she'll have no choice but to return to doing porn

  4. 90014

    Thank god, we pardon turkeys. For the sake of our children, all School Aide's are now to be pardoned turkeys.

  5. Latigo Slim

    No crime has been committed by Tuck.
    Why fire her?
    Stodgy insecure women what her fired?
    Because she WAS at one time employee in a legal, legitimate busiess as an actress?
    In that case all of Hollywood and the Washington DCpolitical system are not suited to be a teacher's aid.

  6. Ghostdog

    How puritanical are we. She's probably not a demon and Im betting she isnt taking her clothes off in class

  7. Tink

    Louisa is a sweet person. I dont know anyone who HASNT taken nude pics. She is just beautiful enough to have her pics published and people actually want to look at her! Louisa is a wonderful woman and people just need to lay off. As long as she is doing her job, and doing it well….. Back up! :)

  8. ConstitutionalVoter

    “The superintendent, though, is seemingly on her side — suggesting that the district has been “advised against taking action,” the Journal reports. (Legal advisors seemingly told the district it has no legal grounds to terminate an employee based solely on previous employment.)”

    Seemingly on her side? As if to suggest that the superintendent is on the 'wrong side' in this case. Its REAL simple people, we got two problems here:

    1) the Brown shirt(read:Nazi) families claiming this woman is a 'threat' because of her past…can we transport these evildoers to some other nation…..PLEASE

    2) The writer plays along, suggesting that the super is 'seemingly' supportive of the woman.

    How about its unlawful to fire someone because of a past job? How would that sit with these clowns, when this woman rightly sues over losing her job? It wouldn't sit well, which is why the superintendent won't be removing her, AND gave a stern warning. Really, the gall of these idiots to try and impose their will on other people. They need to go to Russia, and see what thats REALLY about.

  9. t

    who ever found this to be true,is no better then she is what was this person doing to be able to rat her out .did this person rat because their will be no sequel. bible says he with out sin shall cast the first stone.

  10. Olden Atwoody

    So the rule now is….. “You can never, ever change, and are doomed all your life because of your past.”

    Jesus, that really is the American way!

  11. ThatGuy

    Of course that means Clinton and Obama are bad people.

    Is she smart enough to be rhetorical?

  12. NJ Teachers Aide

    Sometimes you do what ya gotta do. In these days of instant news this could be a new trend for out of work adult actors.

  13. pogo

    thank you. it’s not splitting hairs at all. can’t believe someone printed that.

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