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North West Baby Photo: Kanye West Unveils Pictures On Kris Jenner Show

August 23, 2013, will forever be remembered as the day that the world got their first glimpse of Kim Kardashian’s baby North West. Yes, Kanye West appeared on the Kris Jenner show today and revealed the first baby photos of his little girl.

West, who almost pulled a Tom Cruise during his emotional sit down with Kris Jenner, said that he’s doing his best to keep his daughter protected from the media.

Kim and Kanye reportedly turned down millions for North West baby photos so that they could control where and when they revealed their baby to the world.

Of course, that just happened to be on Kris Jenner’s show.

Kanye said: “My only goal is to protect my daughter.”

TMZ reports that Kim and Kanye are being cautious about how much camera time their daughter will get but that could change in the future. Fox is reportedly gauging interesting in the new baby to see if they should make a Kim And Kanye Plus One reality show.

Would you like to see Kim and Kanye on their own reality show? Is North West headed for reality stardom?

Here’s North West’s first baby photo.

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Years from now, young children will inevitably ask their parents: “Where were you when you first saw North West’s baby photos?” And you’ll probably respond: “What are you talking about?”

Were you excited to see baby photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s little girl North West?