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Kneel For Principal Policy Would Be Better If Principal Was Zod

kneel for principal policy

Apparently, a California elementary school had a strange “kneel for the principal” policy in place, and got away with it for a while before parents found out about it and raised hell.

According to CBS Los Angeles, students at Calimesa Elementary School in California were forced to kneel for their principal at various times of the day, including after recess. The instructions were simple. Drop to one knee and then wait until “the principal [would] come out, lift his arms and tell them to go [back] to class.”

The policy was the brainchild of… you guessed it… the principal. Principal Dana Carter said that the policy was some sort of “safety measure” also described as “positive behavior intervention.”

As soon as parents found out about it, they understandably lost their marbles.

“She says that she has to drop down on one knee with her hands at her side, wait for the principal to come out, lift his arms and tell them to go to class,” said one upset mother. “I feel that the principal wants to be like a king, and we don’t have kings in America.”

Parents started circulating a flyer to make others aware of the controversial policy, and eventually picked up so much steam that Principal Carter reluctantly decided to put an end to the directive.

He’s supposedly scheduling a meeting with parents in the fall to discuss other safety measures for the students. Can’t wait to see how that goes for him.

We can’t confirm it, but we like to think that there was some kind of announcement played over the school loudspeaker signalling students to kneel for the principal.

kneel before zod

Or Loki, if you prefer.

Loki kneel GIF

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14 Responses to “Kneel For Principal Policy Would Be Better If Principal Was Zod”

  1. Carol Corbley Soos

    I am all teaching respect, but this is way beyond respect. Yes sir no mam etc I can accept (we lost that a long time ago) But what is wrong with these idiots that won't let God in school, but act like one. He, the principal, deserves nothing more than a sir. And after this, I question if he even deserves that. Who lets these idiots schools. Me thinks we not only need more secure boarder patrol, but more secure and definite school patrol. Too many sex offenders seem to end up in our schools only to destroy our children. Some mentally some physically. I'd soon get rid of people like him. Boy, now I am really mad!

  2. Subialdea Romeo

    If I were a parent at that school, I'd be in jail… and the principals teeth would be all over the sidewalk. Unfortunately it's California, where the men are prissier than the women.

  3. Dawn Thornton-Luty

    Safety measures my ass, he's on a friggin power trip!

  4. Dawn Thornton-Luty

    Try to stick to the subject and keep your religious politics out of it.

  5. Sally Duvall Kristof

    The reason all this ugly stuff is happening is because they have removed God from the schools! Apparently you are a fool as well as an athiest? Sorry for your loss…. You will know this in time.

  6. Kori Nicole Anderson

    Do you honestly believe you can keep God out of the school? And if you do… why would you send your children where God could not protect them? This is not because they have taken God out of the schools… this is because they have let idiots into them!

  7. Janice MacKenzie

    Dawn Thornton-Luty , Thanks Dawn. Topic gave some people a chance to veer off into their favorite bugaboo.. BTW, If God is everywhere, all-powerfull and all-knowing, then why do these folks have such insecurity about God not being in school? What they really are talking about is RELIGION in school. We don't want kids to kneel before "Zod" or this principal! Neither do we want our kids led in prayer by people who are not our own pastors, priests, rabbis, gurus….

  8. Cindy Rushin

    Kori Nicole Anderson God was never in school — unless you went to a church school – our founding fathers built this country on religious freedom and schools and church do not mix — at least where I went to school – religion has no place in school.

  9. Ryan Mershon

    Sally Duvall Kristof God has no place in any politics and schools, if you want to worship your god, go right a head but don't even think about trying to force a story about a man that lived hundreds of years before the book was written down others throats!! Do you honestly think jesus or "god" wants you to shove your religion down peoples throats?? He gave us free will, if he wanted us to blindly follow him we wouldn't have it

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