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JaMarcus Russell: NFL Comeback Chances Seem All But Done

JaMarcus Russell: NFL Comeback Chances Seem All But Done

JaMarcus Russell may be done in his bid to return to the NFL.

The former top draft pick announced this offseason his plan to return to the NFL, and seemed to have a chance this week when the Chicago Bears lost third-string quarterback Matt Blanchard to a broken hand.

Russell had already worked out for the Bears in the offseason, the only team willing to give him a real look, but the team passed him up this week in favor of Jordan Palmer.

Russell got his NFL comeback bid started this offseason with a commitment to get back in shape. After ballooning to more than 300 pounds, the former No. 1 draft pick tweeted a picture of his new physique, bragging that he dropped 51 pounds.

The weight loss went a long way to quieting critics who said JaMarcus Russell was too lazy and unmotivated to play in the NFL. It also earned Russell the workout with the Chicago Bears where he showed off his strong arm but had a bit of rust.

Russell did earn some praise from a fellow quarterback after the workout.

“Well, he’s gonna come in looking more athletic. Even when he was heavier, he was pretty good on his feet. But he’s gonna be so much better on his feet,” said former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia on ESPN Radio. “The natural abilities for him to throw the ball as people said when he was coming out of LSU — he is impressive in that way. He does have just the natural technique. That ball comes out so smooth, so effortlessly.”

Russell had only 25 starts in two years in the NFL, but he was able to leave with $30 million in salary through three seasons with the Raiders.

Now it seems increasingly unlikely that JaMarcus Russell will have a chance to earn any more playing time in the league. After being passed over by the Bears it would appear he’s not on the radar of any other teams.

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12 Responses to “JaMarcus Russell: NFL Comeback Chances Seem All But Done”

  1. Dennis Brock

    Why didn't you work that hard when you were on the active NFL roster?

  2. Brandon Dillon

    why doesn't he go to Canada and prove it. It's possible to make it back to the NFL if you impress well enough in the CFL. At least he would be playing football, instead of training. Warren Moon and Doug Flutie can speak on it.

  3. Deuce Doucet

    Jeff Ellis since we are stereotyping… did you get you wife from over seas? btw The Cowboys Suck

  4. Kevin Patrick Maher

    Jeff Ellis , really, so what did you do, take a time machine back to hang with Archie Bunker? Pretty stupid comment Ellis! But he was LAZY!!!!

  5. Daniel Savage

    Marc Trestman is a CFL success story, too. Hell, I don't know why guys like Russell don't head up north. They like football up there, too…and the game itself is pretty cool.

  6. Daniel Savage

    The jump in talent level between the CFL & NFL is immense, though. Look no further than Andy Fantuz to see that. Dude was an unstoppable monster in the CFL and couldn't even make a WR starved Chicago Bears roster last year…

  7. Scamuel Jones

    It's high time that Fat Azz purple syrup druggie Jamarcus Russell is done! He's pissed away millions of dollars and he deserves everything bad that comes his way for being such a screw-up that he is!

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