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Katt Williams Gives Fan In Wheelchair $1000 In Cash

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Katt Williams has been in the news in recent months for a string of calamities, but the comic did a good deed recently that’s worth talking about, too.

While Katt Williams has dealt with everything from Target kerfuffles to gun confiscation and child endangerment allegations lately, the comedian also seems to have a big heart.

TMZ reports that Williams had heard a fan was struggling due to a desperate need for a kidney transplant, and Katt stepped in to better her life a little.

The site says that he “gave $1,000 in CASH (and a free signed note) to a wheelchair-bound woman following a recent performance… after learning she’s in bad need of a kidney transplant, TMZ has learned.”

The mitzvah occurred Sunday in Boston, when Williams’ security noticed the woman crying in the audience, and she explained that the tears were “joyful” because she hadn’t been able to laugh since her diagnosis.

TMZ adds:

“The security team brought the woman backstage to meet with Katt — and he was so moved by her story, he excused himself from the room… only to reappear moments later with a folded up sheet of paper… When the woman opened up the bindle, she was shocked to find ten 100 DOLLAR BILLS… along with a note that read, “God never leaves.”

Following Katt Williams’ act of kindness, the comic’s lawyer entered a plea of no contest to a charge of misdemeanor battery on the in Yolo Superior Court in relation to the incident at Target. Williams was sentenced to probation, barred from Target, and ordered not to possess a gun for 10 years.

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10 Responses to “Katt Williams Gives Fan In Wheelchair $1000 In Cash”

  1. Daniel Thomas

    I REALLY hope there are no news reports of that wheelchair bound person not making it home safely with the cash.

  2. Kristeen Charles

    Way to go, Katt! This will turn into a joke for sure.

  3. Darren Maurice Sherrill

    Ok, there were 1,000's of negative post when he was going off on Target employees and getting arrested…so far I only see 3 comments on the story. C'mon people! Where is the love?

  4. Michelle Klukiewicz

    Agree Darren…Katt has a true and amazing soul….the world would be a better place with more like him…but we know when God made Katt …He broke the mold…my son and I were at Boston show…could feel the love.

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