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Ted Cruz Epitome Of Republican ‘Stupid,’ Lewis Black Says

Ted Cruz may or may not be eligible to run for president, but comedian Lewis Black hopes he at least sticks around for comic relief.

Black touched on Ted Cruz, as well as other partisan topics, on this morning’s Morning Joe. And while Black admits that both parties are abysmal, the comic explained why he is more likely to lash out at Republicans on the stage.

Turns out, it’s for a laugh — Black explains why he believes Republicans are funnier:

“Government works this way: Two drunks, one Democrat, one Republican, two congressmen who are drunk in the ’50s walk into a bar and figure something out. Now these guys are in the gym, pumping endorphins all day, it doesn’t help us… That’s how I know this government is the worst it’s every possibly been. When I was a kid, drunks ran it better. Drunk people ran it better.”

He concludes, explaining:

“The Democrats are dumb and the Republicans are stupid. The difference between dumb and stupid is dumb isn’t funny… Stupid is seriously funny.”

Ted Cruz comes up next in conversation, and Black tells Nicole Wallace that the up and comer will be a boon to comedians.

Black cites Cruz’s penchant for government shutdowns, likening them to a child’s tantrum, and says:

“I think Ted Cruz is a gold mine, I think. You can talk about him being the next big thing — good luck. Good luck, him being — if he’s a leader, then I am, I’m seriously, is there an adult in the room?… Who can’t say, ‘You know what? No, you don’t get to shut down the government. Nuh uh, we don’t have time, I don’t have energy.’ ”

He adds:

“What are you going to do? You’re going to shut it down because you’re upset about something?”

What do you think of Ted Cruz and his potential in 2016?