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Is James DiMaggio Hannah Anderson’s Father? Suspect’s Family Wants DNA Tests

James DiMaggio’s family has reportedly requested DNA samples from his victim, Hannah Anderson, because they apparently suspect that he is her real father.

We reported yesterday that DiMaggio actually left a sizable life insurance policy to Hannah Anderson’s paternal grandmother. There wasn’t a clear reason why he would leave it to the Anderson family instead of his sister, but it is believed that the money, about $112,000, is intended for Hannah.

“We are requesting DNA samples from Hannah and anything they can get from Ethan,” DiMaggio spokesman Andrew Spanswick told ABC News affiliate KGTV. “There are rumors Jim was the children’s real father. The parents didn’t marry until 2002. We think it’s strange he left them so much money with no explanation.”

Spanswick also said that DiMaggio left the Anderson family so much money because “he expected the grandmother to take care of the two children with the money.”

But did he do it because he’s her real father? Anderson family spokeswoman Stacy Hess gave a number of reasons why that wouldn’t even be possible.

“Brett and Tina Anderson did not met Mr. DiMaggio until the sixth month of Tina’s pregnancy with Hannah,” Hess said. Additionally, “Brett Anderson’s DNA was used to identify the body of his dead son Ethan Anderson.”

It’s pretty hard to imagine that DiMaggio would torture and kill the mother of his own children, and then his own 8-year-old son. It seems as though the “creepy old guy crush” explanation from the start still fits here.

In any case, Spanswick said that DiMaggio’s sister is not attempting to contest the life insurance policy with the Andersons. She was removed as DiMaggio’s primary beneficiary in 2011, and his the sole surviving member or his immediate family.

Do you think that James DiMaggio could be Hannah Anderson’s real father?