Worlds Largest Lego Tower

World’s Largest LEGO Tower Constructed In Delaware

Teachers at the Red Clay School District helped teach their kids about engineering in a unique way. They designed and then built the world’s largest LEGO tower.

Students in classrooms across the district spent days engineering their new creation which was eventually built with LEGO bricks outside of John Dickinson High School.

The LEGO tower uses a mind-blowing 500,000 small plastic bricks and stands 112 feet, 11 ¾inches tall.

The Guinness Book of World Records was quick to deem the structure as the tallest in existence thanks to its more than 10 story tall build.

In an innovative approach to teaching, the Red Clay School District implements an annual “theme” for the first few months of school system. This year the district is undergoing a massive multi-million dollar construction and renovation project so a building project immediately made sense.

Assistant Superintendent Ted Ammann, who spearheaded the tower project, tells Delaware Online:

“We thought, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be great to do something with LEGOs?’ And then we started talking about trying to break this record. We knew it was going to be a huge task, but I knew we were up to it.”

500,000 bricks would have been massively expensive so instead the district asked every student to contribute. The district also held various fundraisers and asked for donations from various groups.

During the last few days of the prior school year students at each school worked to assemble the towers segments. To kick off the new school year, contractors volunteered their time to attach the segments with the use of cranes and lifts.

The bricks are built around a metal cylinder and supported by guy-wires that prevents the structure from toppling.

The world’s largest LEGO tower is still free-standing and the guy-wired are only in place for safety purposes. The Guinness Book of World Records requires a free-standing structure with no adhesives used.

The previous record was achieved in Prague in 2012. The former record stood at 106 feet tall.

The world’s largest LEGO tower will stand in place until Thursday at which point it will be dismantled and pieces will be given away to school district teachers and students as souvenirs.