Mike Tyson Punch-Out, Champ Plays, Is Unbelievably Bad

Mike Tyson Plays Punch-Out For The First Time And Really Sucks [Video]

Mike Tyson Punch-Out made the former heavyweight boxing champion a household name in the 1980s — well, that and the poor hapless victims he knocked senseless during that period of time.

But surprisingly, close to 26 years later, Tyson never played the video game himself until waiting in the green room during a recent appearance on FOX Sports Live.

And as it turns out, it’s probably a good thing Iron Mike chose boxing as a profession instead of professional gaming because, as the video you’re about to see proves, he’s really, really bad.

Just how bad, you ask? Well, he had his hands full with Glass Joe, a character so easy to beat that when you were a kid, you could have handed the controller to your mom, who’d never played a video game in her life, and she would have kicked the sweet holy crap out of him inside of a round.

Seriously, Glass Joe was the kind of character Nintendo included just so they could indoctrinate video games into young people even before all motor skills had developed.

By whipping up on poor old Joe, your three-year-old sister could learn for the first time in her young life that she truly was capable of doing things all by herself.

Well, from the very beginning of this video, you can see Mike Tyson as you’ve never seen him before — giving it all he’s got just to defeat the worst boxer of all time, virtual world or otherwise.

Is this truly the guy, who beat most hardened heavyweight contenders before they ever stepped into the ring just by sheer intimidation?

We guess so. But what a sad, sad state of affairs.

Good news, however, is that according to Iron Mike, he did manage to pull out the victory — at least, if you believe this tweet from the champ:

Lately, Tyson has taken an interest in entertainment — both real-world and animated. In May, Mike Tyson Mysteries was announced from Adult Swim. And The Hangover star also indicated that he would like to give Shakespeare a try by starring in a production of Othello.

That would be awesome.

As for Punch-Out, do you think Mike Tyson really won that fight with Glass Joe, or do you need more proof?