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Facebook Might Be Making You Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Says

Facebook Makes You Sadder Study Says

A new University of Michigan study on college-aged adults has found that the more they used Facebook, the worse they felt.

According to CBS News “researchers at the University of Michigan discovered that people who used Facebook were less happy after two weeks, and they were more glum than usual at the time they were using the social network.”

In a press release, University of Michigan social psychologist Ethan Kross, lead author of the article and a faculty associate at the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research (ISR) said he following:

“On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. But rather than enhance well-being, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result – it undermines it.”

John Jonides, University of Michigan cognitive neuroscientist and another author of the paper said the following:

“This is a result of critical importance because it goes to the very heart of the influence that social networks may have on people’s lives.”

According to the press release, the study found that the more people used Facebook during one time period, the worse they subsequently felt.

“The authors also asked people to rate their level of life satisfaction at the start and end of the study. They found that the more participants used Facebook over the two-week study period, the more their life satisfaction levels declined over time.”

According to CBS News, Dr. Guy Winch, a New York psychologist and author of “Emotional First Aid,” told TIME that reading posts from other users that brag about their accomplishments can make others feel more down about themselves.

“Patients feel really bad: they went online and liked their friends’ vacation photos, but their friend didn’t like theirs.

“In the throes of a nasty breakup, their ex wrote something really bad about them and blasted it all over. I hear this literally all the time.

“People have huge emotional experiences on social media, especially Facebook, and they bring it into sessions.”

“This is the advantage of studying Facebook use and well-being as dynamic processes that unfold over time”, said emotion researcher Philippe Verduyn, another co-author of the article and post-doctoral fellow of the Research Foundation – Flanders (Belgium).

“It allows us to draw inferences about the likely causal sequence of Facebook use and well-being.”

So according to this Facebook study, users may not be as satisfied as they had hoped when first joining the social networking site. What do you think about these findings?

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6 Responses to “Facebook Might Be Making You Sadder And Less Satisfied, Study Says”

  1. Ethel Dixon

    There's to much bad language used. To much personal stuff I don't care to read. F/B was nice when first started. Yes I'm thinking bout just getting off, plus it's not interesting anymore. All those APPS need to be deleted. Just to much mess on Facebook now.

  2. Daniel Powers

    At times, I've thought about eliminating FB altogether. However, a lot of my old friends from school are using it. I've even made swell new friends on Facebook. I've got to admit that the drama level here gets awfully elevated. On the other hand, I can't seem to shut myself out from the outside world according to FB. For me to quit cold turkey would be like telling all my friends to shove it. I'm just not like that! I'm at the crossroads every day. But, I think I can tough it out a while longer. Let's wait & see what happens next, shall we?

  3. Kim Bratten

    I still absolutely love it. I am a mom of 3 young kids and get to stay in contact with friends and family. I talk to them now more than ever. It has enhanced my life in numerous ways. I go out more with my friends. We do stuff and plan events together, share things to do. I don't just sit home day in and day out. I think it has made me watch less TV which isn't a bad thing. I read more articles now because of it too. I think it will be a wonderful virtual story of my life and times. My future grand kids will get to know me and what I was truly like if they keep my page up after I am dead. Which I hope they do. I think it's really super cool. I would love to know about my ancestors. The internet and Fb are awesome. Now if you aren't mature enough to handle yourself I can see how things can go bad. It's hard to take back what you type. All that comes with maturity that maybe the people in college don't have yet. They'll get there. If they ever do a history of Fb on TV and want to use my profile when I'm dead go for it. :)

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