London Underground Warns Travelers Leicester Square ‘Is Full Of Pre-Pubescent Girls’ Thanks To One Direction [Pic]

London Underground Warns Travelers Leicester Square ‘Is Full Of Pre-Pubescent Girls’ Thanks To One Direction [Pic]

One Direction fans are flocking to London, England this evening in order to see the teen pop idols when they appear at the film premiere for This Is Us.

However, London underground has now taken drastic steps to warn travelers about the deluge of fans that have arrived in the English capital.

Earlier in the day, staff working with the Metropolitan Police and Westminster City Council uploaded various signs in order to decrease the large crowd.

One read, “One Direction film premiere in Leicester Square Tuesday 20 August. If you are travelling to Leicester Square for the premiere please note that the entire area is full to capacity. No further access is being permitted and you will not be able to get near to the cinema.”

Fans have since been encouraged to watch the event from home because Leicester Square is now filled to capacity and is closed.

However, other employees for the London Underground have decided to adjust their warnings to fans to make them more humorous.

One included the incredibly amusing:


Morgan Spurlock, the renowned filmmaker behind, Super Size Me, has directed the documentary, which has been described as “part concert movie, part behind-the-scenes- documentary.”

Spurlock described working on the film and how he grew to appreciate the band’s personalities and talent:

“These boys are so charming and so fantastic, I challenge you to go to the movie and not like them after the film is done… Part of the reason they’ve been so incredibly successful with their fans is that they are so incredibly grounded and normal, and that’s what comes off in the movie.”

Meanwhile, fans have been arriving at Leicester Square since Sunday for the event, with 16 year-old Dani Pring and 15-year-old Natasha Dearn heading to London from Birmingham.

Dani remarked, “We’ve been singing, we’ve been trying to sleep — but it’s not working because of drunk people — eating KFC, we’ve made friends with girls from Wales, Holland, London. I’m looking forward to seeing Niall in his suit, we want him to twerk [dance] for us.”