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Want To Know When You’re Going To Die? Now You Can With New Laser Test [Video]


Would you want to know when you will die?

A test that could tell you how long you have left to live is being developed by scientists. A small device – about the size of a watch – uses laser beams to analyze cells under the skin.

The Lancaster University physicists who invented the device, say that by monitoring endothelial cells they can identify those which are ageing faster than normal. They claim it should be possible in the future to tell a person how many years they have left.

As an example, a person could be told that if they do not change their lifestyle, they could die in 20 years; but would everyone want to know when they will die?

Analysis of cells in tiny blood vessels called capillaries – could also suggest whether someone has cancer or dementia.

Insurance and pension companies could also use the information to alter premiums and payouts. With enough funding the device, costing only a few hundred dollars, could be on the market within a year.

Doctors could use the device to compare a patient’s biological age with their chronological age to assess how quickly they are ageing.

Professor Aneta Stefanovska, the project’s leader, said: ” I hope we are developing something to encourage people to take care of their health.”

Fellow researcher Professor Peter McClintock, said, “We would like to see one of these in every GP’s (doctor’s) surgery. It would be an immensely valuable piece of equipment for a GP.”

He accepted that not everyone would put the information to good use, but added: “You might think that you are ageing too fast and do something about it. You might improve your lifestyle, and have fewer deep-fried Mars bars or go out for a run.”

But, even if you decide that you do what to know when you’ll die, there is such a thing as Divine Providence; you just might not see the approaching bus until it’s too late!

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12 Responses to “Want To Know When You’re Going To Die? Now You Can With New Laser Test [Video]”

  1. Louise C. Johnson

    NO MAN will ever be able to determine death of someone. (except if he is going to kill you, but even then ONLY GOD will determine if he succeeds) GOD ONLY IS THE DETERMINER OF DEATH–NOT MAN.

  2. Gene Powell

    Don't think folks are suppose too be knowing these type of things I mean its called fate and nothing changes it leave it alone as it is , if something is not broken then don't fix it.

  3. Gene Powell

    Bet your bottom dollar the insurance companys are funding this and I would not be surprised too find that the guy who invented it was funded by insurance companys .

  4. Zot OfKithairon

    as bad as this can be to help the insurance companies, which all run by and in bed w/ the devil, still there are way too many who eat horribly, and never ever exercise and therefore in all likelihood end up aging much faster while leading dangerously unhealthy lives and in all probability have also have low chances at happiness.

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