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Jennie Garth And Ex-Husband Make $2.64 Million On Sale Of House

Jennie Garth Embraces Being A Single Mom

Jennie Garth and her ex-husband Peter Facinelli sold their grand Toluca Lake home for $2 million less than the asking price. Don’t cry for them just yet though, as they sold the estate to Bill Prada, one of the creators of The Big Bang Theory, for a whopping $3.99 million!

According to public records, Jennie and Peter purchased the property originally for $1.35 million back in 2003. This means they made over $2.5 Million on the sale of their jointly owned property.

Jennie Garth,(41), became famous when she starred as Kelly Taylor in the Beverly Hills, 90210 series. She also starred as Valerie Tyler on the show What I Like About You. Jennie also had her own reality show called: Jennie Garth, A Little Bit Of Country, on CMT.

The house itself, built in 1937, has a long and interesting history. Tex Ritter, the famous country singer and actor once owned it, as did his son John Ritter. The mansion has six amply sized bedrooms, eight luxury bathrooms and offers a massive living space of nearly 8,500 square feet.

The house is conveniently split between formal dining and living rooms, has a bar and games room, as well as a gym and dual offices. The property sits on roughly half an acre and has huge outside space, both front and back, a swimming pool,and a garage suitable for up to five cars. reported back in March of 2012 about the break up of Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli, citing the reasons for the split to be more to do with Peter’s career than anything else. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“Peter Facinelli and Jennie Garth’s marriage has been rocky for nearly a year, so their decision to finally divorce didn’t come as a shock to their family and friends. However, can tell you exclusively what drove them apart — and it wasn’t an outside affair or money. It was Peter’s career.”

It is to be hoped that Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli’s sale of the house will give them the closure they need to move on with their lives.

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9 Responses to “Jennie Garth And Ex-Husband Make $2.64 Million On Sale Of House”

  1. Jackie Kirk Wood

    The kids will get lots of back to school clothes I bet.

  2. Tim Berry

    if you want to consider taxes, upkeep, and improvements of that property it is significantly less. anyone who has ever owned/sold a property knows that. still it looks like it was a nice investment. good for them.

  3. Wayne Yeager

    I dont think THEy had anything to do with rubbing it in LOL. they paid a lot, paid upkeep, taxes, and sold for what someone agreed to buy it for. perfectly legit and the media is the one who posts this, not the sellers..

  4. Pamela Donovan

    She married him young and supported their family until Peter finally landed a good job. Then he dumped her and the kids and is running around with someone half his age. Most people still don't know who he is, but his ego certainly took over when he started to believe his own hype. Not the first time a wife supports her husband who then turns around and dumps her and the kids for a self centered egotistical life.

  5. Pamela Donovan

    They are divorcing so they sold as part of the divorce. Now they need to get two homes and those are going to eat up any profit and then some. It is not cheap living in Lala land. I don't see how they are rubbing it in to anyone. They aren't bragging about the sale, the author of the article is just saying they made a good investment.

  6. Hope Unterschuetz

    It is irritating when I hear someone comment about closure on someone else's relationship. Unless you are in the situation people should keep their "hope"s to themselves.

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