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Jackie Chan Won’t Star In Sylvester Stallone’s ‘The Expendables 3’

Sylvester Stallone Expendables

Fans who were hoping Jackie Chan would make an appearance in The Expendables 3 are probably suffering from a severe bout of disappointment right about now.

Sylvester Stallone got everyone’s hopes up earlier this year when he revealed Chan had been approached for a role in the sequel. Other rumors suggested that Nicolas Cage and Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich were also in talks with producers.

Unfortunately, Jackie Chan’s name was nowhere to be found on the cast list recently unveiled by The Expendables 3 producer Boaz Davidson. In fact, Cage and Jovovich were also absent from the roster. Steven Seagal, an actor who seems determined to stay in the straight-to-video world, wasn’t included on the list either.

Reports suggested that the Rumble in the Bronx star was originally offered a small role in The Expendables 2. However, his commitment to Chinese Zodiac forced him to pass on the opportunity. He also said in an interview that he was interested in something a bit heftier than a brief cameo.

Just because the veteran Hong Kong action hero won’t be in Stallone’s sequel doesn’t mean he’s sitting on the sidelines. Although he’s retired from hardcore stunt-oriented motion pictures, Chan still has a handful of projects currently in the cinematic oven across the pond.

In addition to the next installment of his Police Story saga, the actor is currently working on director Sam Fell’s action-comedy Skiptrace. The film finds Chan co-starring alongside rising star Fan Bingbing. A release date for the film has not been announced just yet.

Chan is also producing the upcoming romantic comedy Fate is a Game. Although the action hero is helping out with the film, it’s currently believed that he won’t tackle a major role. Eric Tsang, Irene Wan, and Kenneth Ma star in the flick.

Are you a fan of Jackie Chan? What do you think about the veteran action hero’s absence from the Expendables 3 cast list?

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11 Responses to “Jackie Chan Won’t Star In Sylvester Stallone’s ‘The Expendables 3’”

  1. Kevin Killingsworth

    Expendables was horrible. turned it off not even half way through. Never bothered with the second one, don't care about the third, AND,… I would rather watch a movie with Bruce Willis in it than Sylvester Stallone.

  2. Greg M. Williamson

    Th you sir have o tatExpendables is one the best mvies that's came out and 2 was even better.

  3. Robyn Steed

    I kept telling everyone he won't be in it because IT WAS NEVER CONFIRMED but folks kept insisting it WAS confirmed based solely on the rumors he was offered a part, he said he wanted more than a cameo role, & he said he wished he could do it. The disappointment is on them. I do not believe in wishful thinking & am more interested in the actual FACTS.

  4. Mike Beebe

    I don't care if I get thumbs ups or downs…these are just IMO… I was really hopeful he would join the cast for Expendables 3. Although his "using random objects as weapons" fight style does get a little old after awhile, I still think it's pretty unique. I guess he's been tying to add some comedy to his fighting scenes, or just trying to be different 😉 I already said this on a previous Expenables 3 story…I like the idea of bringing all these older generation stars into pne move, just wish they had done it all maybe 10 years sooner? At least they're physical abilities, weapon skills, fighting, and such would seem a "little more believable". That being said, maybe Chan's using random objects as weapons would fit the movie! I can't say I am a huge fan of the series, but they are entertaining enough for me ;).

  5. Bats Meksyphet

    It would be more of a disappointment for his fans if they announced that he was in it only to find out it was just for a brief cameo. Either give him a decent role or don't, cameos suck.

  6. Nicklas Magnusson

    Chan needs to be in the movie. He doesn't have to kill anyone. He can be a pilot or driver with unique fighting skills. Or he can be a bad guy!
    To complete the list. Kelsey Grammer however does not need to be a part.

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