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Princess Diana Murder Allegations Suggest British Sniper Involved In Death

Princess Diana

A Princess Diana murder investigation hasn’t been opened. In fact, despite statements to the contrary, a new Princess Diana death investigation hasn’t been re-opened either.

London’s Metropolitan Police Service (also known as Scotland Yard) set a thousand conspiracies on fire Saturday when they admitted that they had received new information about Princess Diana.

They said they’re looking at the material, which they refused to describe, saying only that they were still trying to determine if it was either credible or relevant to a new Princess Diana murder investigation. “This is not a re-investigation,” Scotland Yard said in their statement to ABC News and other media sources.

Maybe not. But the mere hint that British police are opening a new file about Princess Diana’s death has created a media frenzy.

UK newspaper The Telegraph has poured fuel on the flame with its reporting on what Scotland Yard is actually looking at. They say police got a claim that a Special Air Service (SAS) British soldier killed Princess Diana.

The rumor has gained steam during a trial of an SAS sniper who has been convicted on illegal weapons charges. Another accused soldier’s parents-in-law reportedly claimed that their son had told his wife that the SAS was somehow involved in killing Princess Diana.

In other words, some guys on trial for illegal weapons charges spewed a lot of random noise into their own investigations.

Scotland Yard is welcome to check out this tittle tattle, I suppose. I’m an American, so it isn’t my tax dollar at work.

But it’s interesting that the Metropolitan Police keep finding ways to look into cold cases in lovely tourist spots like Paris and Portugal.

On August 31, 1997 drunk driver Henri Paul was at the wheel of the car going more than 85 miles per hour fleeing photographers when it slammed into a concrete pillar in a Paris, France tunnel. Paul, Princess Diana, and her friend Dodi Al Fayed were killed.

It would seem to be a straight-forward drunk-driving accident.

It’s my guess that any new Princess Diana murder investigation is a complete waste of time. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Princess Diana Murder Allegations Suggest British Sniper Involved In Death”

  1. James F. Wilson

    I still think that the paparazzi should still been held accountable. The were chasing the car at high speed which was why the driver was going so fast. To say they had not been a factor was stupid.After the car crashed they took pictures of the car and the victims instead of calling an ambulance. I don't believe there was a sniper unless it was one of the paparazzi.

  2. Alexander British

    If the Police did not investigate this allegation, they would be breaking the Law. Here in Britain, NO-ONE is above the Law.
    The Police will leave no stone uncovered.

  3. George Vreeland Hill

    A British sniper did not kill Diana.
    This is stupid beyond belief.
    There were no bullets in her body.
    Diana died in a car crash because the driver lost control of the car while being chased by paparazzi.
    Case closed.

    George Vreeland Hill.

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