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Highest Paid DJs Earn Big Bucks; Top DJ Calvin Harris Earned $46 Million


Forbes has just issued its annual ranking of the highest paid DJ’s last year.

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris tops the list after earning an estimated $46 million over the past 12 months.

This came from live performances on the road and includes income from endorsements, production deals, and song royalties.

What is amazing is that this 29-year-old record producer wasn’t even on the list that Forbes published for the first time last year.

Last year’s number one, DJ Tiesto, was in second place this year with $32 million, up from $22 million the year before.

In third place was French DJ David Guetta pulling in $30 million. Fourth place went to Swedish House Mafia with $25 million.

Deadmau5 made it to number five with $21 million; Swedish DJ Avicii trailed close behind at number six with $20 million.

Numbers seven to ten were: Afrojack with $18 million, Armin van Buuren with $17 million, Skrillex and Kaskade each with 16 million.

Just missing the top ten was Steve Aoki with $14 million. Getting into the the top twelve was DJ Pauly D who made $13 million.

And there you have it, The list of the highest paid DJ’s whose combined earnings are just under $200 million.

How do you feel about DJ’s earning so much? Is it a reflection of how distorted the values of society have become? Tell us what you think in the comments feed below.

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21 Responses to “Highest Paid DJs Earn Big Bucks; Top DJ Calvin Harris Earned $46 Million”

  1. Karen Cooke Baker

    I have nothing against anyone out there busting their backsides to make a living. And these men and women work long hours and looks like most of them have more then one job. Good for them!

  2. Garrett Ruesch

    Its sad that there are people starving or living paycheck to pay check, and we have DJ's making this kind of money. They push buttons and pick songs. ITS REALLY HARD! Makes me sick.

  3. Kyle Vorrath

    why should I be upset about it they are making a shitload more money than I am hahaha.

  4. Clint Notestine

    no different than any other highly skilled person like an artist or athlete

  5. Jose Garcia

    Values were meant to be 'distorted'! Out with the old and in with the new. Long live House music!

  6. Tanya Terry

    MY son is a DJ and he works very hard. I think it is great that he can make a living doing something that he is passionate about. Believe me, it is not an easy profession. Luv U DJ Wood!

  7. Kelsey Marie Henagan

    I heard about all that on the radio the other day. Lol

  8. Joe Foster

    I'm a DJj who charges about $350 for a wedding reception– Calvin Harris DJ's a reception once a minute with what he's earning!

  9. Deron Hablutzel

    There are professional athletes working a whole-lot less to earn a whole-lot more. These global djs are up all night in the clubs, travelling from continent to continent during the day, trying to find time to write, remix and produce new songs, etc. Professional athletes at least have half their games at home with their families – these DJs are on the road year round, usually performing more gigs than athletes have games. According to this article, 10 DJs are earning $16 million + a year. I'm sure there are FAR more professional athletes than 10 earning that kind of money.

  10. Joe Alleva

    I'm a MUSICIAN, I play in a band with other talented musicians. worked hard to build my chops. Or you can play records.

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