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Christian Bale As Batman In ‘Man Of Steel 2’? Warner Bros. Remains Silent

Man Of Steel 2

If Christian Bale is slated to return as Batman in Man of Steel 2 (aka Superman vs. Batman), then the folks at Warner Bros. are keeping that information a secret.

The rumor mill was in high gear last week when reports surfaced that The Dark Knight Rises star would reprise his role as the Caped Crusader in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel sequel. Although studios and actors are usually quick to squash these reports, Bale and Warner have been oddly quiet.

All of this speculation began with author Vincent Russel’s Beyond Batman: The Unauthorized True Story of Christian Bale and His Dark Knight Dilemma. The 27-page eBook alleged that Christian Bale was being seriously courted for the iconic role of Batman once again.

The folks at Entertainment Weekly pointed out that the original conversation was in regards to the proposed Justice League movie Warner Bros. was cooking up. Russel claims to have spoken with someone from Legendary Pictures who said that Bale could easily make upwards of $50 million if he appeared in the movie for even 20 minutes.

“And as anyone who has ever worked with Bale will admit, the actor is incredibly sharp, business savvy, and perceptive. As a result, it seems highly unlikely that Christian Bale will bolt from Batman when the bat signal is still glimmering above the Hollywood sign with such tangible fervor,” Russel wrote.

While everyone expected representatives from Warner Bros. or Christian Bale to quickly deny these reports, both camps have been strangely silent. Does this mean that the studio and the actor are discussing the idea? Did all of this speculation bring the parties back to the table? Anything’s possible at the moment.

Until word is handed down by someone officially associated with the project, it’s probably best to take all of this information with a very large pinch of salt. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t cross your fingers that the Batman Begins star will put on the cape and cowl one more time.

Do you think Christian Bale should return as Batman in Man of Steel 2? How do you feel about all of the rumors and reports that have surfaced over the past week?

[Image via Warner Bros. Pictures / Legendary Pictures]

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34 Responses to “Christian Bale As Batman In ‘Man Of Steel 2’? Warner Bros. Remains Silent”

  1. Nabeel Khan

    The best thing to do, for everyone, is to bring back Christian Bale.

    The audience would go berserk.
    The production company would be bathing in a pool of $100 notes.
    Christian Bale too would be quite happy to get a hefty amount.

    The repercussions of bringing a new face:
    The audience would not accept him, only the random movie goers who just watch any other movie, will watch it.
    The built up of the legendary Batman would be ruined.
    Man of Steel might suffer too, because it's an amalgamation of two of the BIGGEST SUPERHEROES ever.

  2. Kathleen King

    I personally won't go the next film unless Christian Bale is Batman. He is the one got me incredibly interested in Batman and I didnt even go to Man of Steel because David Goyer said Christian wasn't going to be in any more. I felt like they threw their billion dollar draw to the curb do no more films for me. If they got Christian back I would be first in line as I was for the fantastic Dark Knight trilogy. Christian Bale IS Batman IMO.

  3. Ollie Smith

    He is Batman and no one else could ever match what he has done with the character.

  4. Dylan Celone

    lol you people are crazy, first Bale doesn't want the part to stop with the garbage rumors. next, Bale was an excellent bruce wayne… but as batman, no way, clucky "fight" scenes, this new DCU has action and Bale sorry to say was pretty lame, batman is an matrial arts master and ninja like stealth, bales batman had neither, if you don't see MOS2 just becuase Bale isn't in it… LOL

  5. Ahmed M. Hozayen

    Taher Abo Alam i'd love to see him again. Still it wouldn't make complete sense as Nolan already mentioned that his trilogy doesn't have other superheroes. They don't exist in TDK trilogy, which somehow contradicts with Snyder's as Nolan was a producer of TMOS and Bruce Wayne was teased in the final fighting scene twice with General Zod at the end of the movie.
    I guess we gonna have to wait and see how things goes.

  6. Reece Musson

    It would tarnish Nolan's take on the Batman. Man of steel in my opinion is it's own different universe. There are a lot of negatives if such events were to take place , I.e.Bane and Ra's would certainly be dead already, which would leave the story line restricted in what they can and can't do.

    I understand that people would want to see Bale as Batman once again, I too believe him to be the best Batman, but apart of that lust for Bale stems from Nolan's ideals. Nolan created that Batman, that's his take on the Batman and HE made the batman that way. He went for this 'realism' approach, which has ultimately left the audience hungry for more, as it fits so well with the character. I think sticking Bale into the 'Man of Steel' universe would have negative consequences on Nolan's Batman. It's best to leave Nolan's universe alone, we don't want another 'Batman & Robin' toy commercial that goes for 125 minutes, and that's how far greedy production companies take it when money's involved.

  7. Vegeta Saiyen

    without bale rest superheroes looks like side geeks. if bale isn't there then no point to see man of steel two or justice league , as man of steel was just more like comic , whack who needs comic. we all need real and feel real which bale can bring as batman.

  8. Carlos Monge Blanco

    so you didn't like MOS just because it looks way to similar to the comic? but what im I thinking?
    who would like to see a COMIC book character on a COMIC book 100% based movie and for it to look just exactly as it looks on the COMIC book?… way too much coming from guy who uses a MANGA/ANIME alias…as much as I liked the TDK trilogy they are stand alone movies they have no sharing spots with the entire JLA universe they are trying to set up. I totally agree with Dylan Celone, Christian bale is a great Bruce Wayne but as Batman he was indeed clucky when it comes to fight scenes, if he looked good as Batman it was just for one reason, and my friends let me disappoint you, that reason its not that he is Batman's incarnation on earth…. the reason why he nails it as Batman is because he can Act… he is an amazing actor that's it. but this time we need a more physical incarnation of the Batman, someone that can act but also someone who knows how to kick ass as an expert martial artist. Nolan's Batman is a good serious stand alone trilogy.

  9. Matthew McCune

    You can't believe everything you read on the enternet. Christian Bale himself said he was done playing the cape crusader last year–he's done. I like Christian Bale too and would like to see him play the roll as batman again, but lets be real here y'all. Bale's already loaded with plenty of cash than he can spend; even with a 50 million dollar offer, I doubt even that's going to lure him back into the cape. besides if he does change his mind about playing batman again, it's only going to be one last time in Man of Steel 2, and'll have to find some other actor to play batman in Justice League movie.

  10. Vegeta Saiyen

    well since alll were humans in Tdk trilogy, nolan decided not to use much rather than normal human ability. if it were justiceleague i am sure nolan would hve made something to come up with to face agaisnt supernatural humans as batman is true human, and we as humans should be ready to face extra supernatural powers that come to earth which batman shows the way , . also i watched batman tv series when i was young. alwys made me feel that even there batman was real but nolan brought it to movies and made it so real that i reallly loved batman than superheroes. One day when kids grow up they will realise both comic and real characters and appreciazte both and consider the inevitable. for comics entertainment we already got avengers team. let dc do real .i am sure christian bale can pulll out nice stunts with action in future filsm i hope they make him do. its not upto him but the directors decide him as he is great talented won hearts .. i liked superman too but upto comics coz he never dies nor get a scractch , geesh its not entertainingand he cant be killed by sun too coz he get ppowers from it . yes i love dbz too i watch all of them including heman ,spiderman …. etc have fun yooo

  11. Paolo Maldini

    Christian bale should definitely come back the movie will be much more epic if he returns, I personally hate when they change actors if bale returns it would make much more money, please bale come back.

  12. Jabbar DaGhost Jenkins

    If Warner bro are smart if Bale does not complete the role take they guy that entered the batcave at the end of dark knight rises kind of like the passing of the torch

  13. Maya Angelou

    Christopher Nolan's take on Batman was far different from the universe Zack Snyder is building for MAN OF STEEL. It's high time for a new Caped Crusader that would fit in Snyder's DC universe. Gerard Butler was great in OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. It was easy to picture him as Bruce Wayne/Batman with Morgan Freeman & Aaron Eckhart being there in the film. Remember Morgan Freeman was Lucius Fox while Aaron Eckhart was Harvey Dent/Two-Face in THE DARK KNIGHT. Gerard Butler is a no-brainer choice for Zack Snyder since Butler was in Snyder's 300. Plus, Butler doesn't need to make that odd guttural sound Bale was doing for the Dark Knight since he already has a natural deep voice.

  14. Paulay Ayee

    Sorry but he is a horrible batman….. He acted good.. but as far as "BATMAN" goes.. no thank you. He doesn't have the body and the looks for batman.

  15. Aaron Gipson

    Bale shouldn't play Batman in the sequel. They have an opportunity to create their own world. Green Lantern will hopefully be either getting John Stewart, or a new Hal Jordan. Since Bale is done, this leaves a chance to create a grand new world. The new adaptation of MOS is outstanding in my opinion. Hear me out, but Joseph Gordon Levitt could be Batman. Upon Batman disappearing, young Robin, takes his place as the Caped Crusader. Alfred would have already been back to Wayne Manor, most likely Helping Robin. Bruce Wayne hears of the the earlier attack (MOS) and see's it as a big enough to make his way back to Wayne Manor. When he finds Robin in the cape and cowl, he'll push him out of the spot and tell him to get lost. Alfred doesn't let this happen and helps him become Nightwing, or Superman does like in the original comic by telling him the story of Nightwing from Krypton. Superman and Batman defeat the villains with the help of Nightwing. This is the best way I see the story to go if they wanted to keep Bale as Batman. It's a good way to bring him back, and a good way to start a whole new DC branch (Teen Titans). I enjoy this idea to be honest, but I'd still prefer a new face for the MOS sequel and Justice League.

  16. Aaron Gipson

    Or a Villain could bring Batman back…. either would work. Honestly, I'd like to see Superman and Batman come together as new comers to being hero's, having to learn the ropes and adjust to each others styles of heroism, and learning to use each others strengths and becoming close friends as always. That could apply later plot for Justice League, such as somehow Batman "dies" and superman gets to go into a frenzy on whoever the villain is who does so, later finding Bats just injured… Sorry.. Just thoughts and potential hopes.

  17. Michael Gutierrez

    Jonathan Darrel Woodruff that's not what it's about. Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is still fresh. It hasn't staled and it wasn't so flawed that a reboot should right it's wrongs. Some would argue that it was limited by it's realism but one way or another when Batman gets rebooted he needs to be built up again so that we as an audience can adapt and appreciate the new actor in the mantle of our favorite superhero. This is a billion dollar idea WB is playing with and if they screw it up, say hello to 5 more years of "DC will never produce movies up to par with Marvel".

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