Justin Bieber Posts Instagram Giving Homeless Woman Money In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Posts Handout Homeless Woman Instagram: Big Deal Or Not?

Justin Bieber’s Instagram of himself giving a homeless woman a wad of notes through the window of his Ferrari in Los Angeles earned him some heat recently.

The snap, taken from a pap’s eye view on Tuesday and sold to TMZ, was captioned: “Always give back.”

In it, Bieber’s extended illustrated arm, expensive watch and sweet ride, are all that’s seen of the singer. What draws focus is a woman in need, the cash, and her placard saying:”Just need some help. Bless you and yours.”

In addition to the title accompanying TMZ’s publication of the photo which accused the pop star of grandstanding, the gossip site also posed this question:

“If Justin Bieber performs a good deed and doesn’t Instagram a photo of it, does it really count?”

So, was Bieber chasing good publicity?

Of course.

But, why are we surprised?

Whether it’s his questionable but non-criminal conduct — most of which can be put down to teenage acting out, or criminal allegations that are not yet proven as fact — the singer has been in the crosshairs of the press and legal system for some time now.

Justin Bieber Post Giving Money To Homeless Woman Instagarm