Pelted With Eggs: The Truly British Way To Protest; First Simon Cowell, Now Ed Miliband [Videos]

Labour leader Ed Miliband,43, got pelted with eggs on Wednesday in south London.

Miliband was hit in the back by at least one egg, another egg just missed him. He was on a walkabout in East Street market in Walworth, London when a spectator threw the eggs.

Miliband appeared totally unfazed and continued with his tour after an aide removed his stained jacket.

Dean Porter, the man who threw the eggs, told reporters that it had been an “opportunistic moment.” He added: “They should stop giving favoritism to the banks. They do nothing. The Government do nothing. The shadow government do nothing.”

He went on, “I don’t believe him at all. If you are poor, you are considered a burden. All they care about is the banks.”

Later Miliband joked: “This is not the first time it’s happened to me, I’m sure it’s not the last … I’m always looking for new ways to connect with the voters.”

Simon Cowell wasn’t trying to connect with anyone when he was judging the final of Britain’s Got Talent in June this year. But something connected with him; an egg thrown at him from the stage by viola player Natalie Holt.

She appeared in the show last year, and has never explained exactly why she did it. But she has said, ” In hindsight, it was a silly thing to do.”

Actually, it’s a little deceptive to say that the two men were ‘pelted with eggs‘ as only one egg struck each of them. But it’s hard to write ‘pelted with egg’ – doesn’t have quite the same impact.