Celeste Paradise signs anti-bureacrat version of American the Beautiful

Celeste Paradise Serenades Lawmakers With Protest Song [Video]

Celeste Paradise sang her own version of America the Beautiful with anti-bureaucrat lyrics at a public meeting in Oakland, Calif.

The incident actually occurred on July 18, but has just started moving across the internet in a big way.

At the public meeting in question, each speaker at the podium had a one-minute time limit. As such, it should be noted that the implication that Celeste Paradise’s mic was deliberately cut off is apparently inaccurate.

Musician Paradise — described as a so-called rowdy Tea Partier although she is anything but rowdy in this video — was testifying in her own unique way against so-called Plan Bay Area, which according to the National Review is a form of social engineering called transit oriented development that the Obama administration would like to take national.

A citizens coalition made up of those from both the left and the right of the ideological spectrum strenuously opposed the plan. Plan Bay area is “an ambitious blueprint to block the creation of new suburbs and force the next 30 years of development in the nine-county San Francisco metropolitan region into a few hyper-dense, Manhattan-style enclaves.”

After two years of controversy, regional officials in the San Francisco Bay area approved the plan on July 18 even as “several hundred people packed a Marriott ballroom to protest the plan, voicing concerns that it will bring overcrowded housing developments and will bypass local control over development,” the SanAnselmo-Fairfax Patch reported. “… many of the Bay Area residents who spoke at the meeting said they either did not feel included in the planning process or felt that requests for public input were disingenuous and that board members had already made up their minds to approve the plan.”

The Pacific Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Plan Bay Area program on grounds that it is a draconian infringement of personal freedom.

What do you think of the way Celeste Paradise testified about Plan Bay Area?