Brian Cashman said Sunday that he isn't comfortable talking to A-Rod these days.

Alex Rodriguez MLB Lawsuit Likely If A-Rod’s 211 Game Ban Isn’t Lifted

An Alex Rodriguez MLB lawsuit is reported to be likely if A-Rod’s 211 game ban isn’t lifted.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games under suspicion of taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) like steroids.

A-Rod was suspended for violating the MLB’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program as well as the Basic Agreement by using and possessing numerous forms of performance enhancement drugs. The MLB also claimed Alex Rodriguez tried to cover up his violations.

In response, Alex Rodriguez appealed the suspension, which meant the case would be seen by an independent arbitrator. Thirteen other MLB players were suspended but Alex Rodriguez was the only baseball player who refused the decision.

Some baseball players like Mike Trout wants PEDs abusers to be permanently banned from the MLB. On the other hand, Mark Cuban has defended Alex Rodriguez, claiming Bud Selig of the MLB is using mafia-like tactics.

An Alex Rodriguez MLB lawsuit is brewing according to sources “directly connected to A-Rod.” Alex Rodriguez wants the MLB ban lifted completely, calls the MLB’s investigation “abusive and borderline illegal,” and claims he has been tested for PEDs 11 times since 2011 without ever having a positive test result. Alex Rodriguez points out that another MLB player named Ryan Braun was suspended for only 65 games despite having a positive test result, yet Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games.

Alex Rodriguez’s lawyers have yet to see the evidence gathered against A-Rod by the MLB. They plan on fighting the allegations of Alex Rodriguez’s steroids usage.

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