Sandra Coke Murder

Sandra Coke: Sex Offender ‘Person Of Interest’

Sandra Coke was found dead near a Vacaville, California park. Authorities have named a convicted sex offender as a person of interest.

Coke was missing for nearly 10 days. She left her home on August 4 and never returned. She reportedly told her daughter that she would be home in 30 minutes.

As reported by KTVU, Coke told her daughter that someone called, saying they found her missing dog. She planned to pick up her dog, and stop at the pharmacy on her way home.

Coke’s daughter reported her missing the following morning. Police found her abandoned car a few blocks from her home. Coke’s two cell phones were found in separate locations.

Police have named a convicted sex offender as a person of interest in the homicide. Sandra Coke’s former boyfriend, Randy Alana, is considered a “high-risk” sex offender. His convictions include kidnapping, rape, and use of violent force.

As reported by Los Angeles Times, Alana was on monitored release at the time of Coke’s death. The two were reportedly seen together on the day she disappeared.

Alana’s release was granted on the condition that he wear an ankle monitor. The monitor included a GPS tracking device.

He was arrested in August 6 for failure to comply with the monitoring program.

Coke and Alana dated only briefly. However, she knew him for 20 years. The nature of their ongoing friendship and recent conversation are unknown.

Body Found During Search for Missing Federal Investigator

Sandra Coke worked for the federal public defender’s office. She was tasked with researching death penalty appeals. She worked tirelessly to assure that sentencing was fair and just.

In a statement, Coke’s family describes her as a “shining light” in the lives of everyone she knew:

“She passionately devoted her professional life to helping the poor and those who endured difficult childhoods… All of us will miss Sandra’s beautiful, giving spirit.”

The family created the Sandra Coke fund to receive donations. The money will help finance Coke’s 15-year-old daughter’s care and education.