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Paula Deen Is Not A Racist, Court Decides


U.S. District Judge William T. Moore Jr. dismissed the racial discrimination claims in a lawsuit filed by a former employee against Paula Deen.

In his ruling he said that former employee, Lisa Jackson, can’t claim to be a victim of racial discrimination against African-Americans because she is white. He wrote, “At best, plaintiff is an accidental victim of the alleged racial discrimination.”

A spokesperson for Deen told CNN, “We are pleased with the Court’s ruling today that Lisa Jackson’s claims of race discrimination have been dismissed… Ms. Deen has stated before, she is confident that those who truly know how she lives her life know that she believes in equal opportunity, kindness and fairness for everyone.”

Deen’s career and reputation were damaged after her deposition in the lawsuit, in which she admitted using the n-word in the past, was released. Dean has said repeatedly that she is not a racist, but her statements have failed to suppress the controversy.

Lisa Jackson alleged in the lawsuit that Deen and her brother Bubba Hiers committed numerous acts of violence, discrimination and racism against her.

After working for five years in various restaurants owned by Deen and her brother, her employment ended.

In the aftermath of the bad publicity, Deen lost lucrative endorsements; her Food Network cooking show was canceled as was the publication of her new cookbook.

Jackson alleged that a “racially biased attitude prevailed throughout and pervaded defendants restaurant operations.” She said that African-American staff had to use a rear entrance of the restaurant.

She claimed “immense personal and work related emotional and physical distress” because ” employees came to her complain and for help, which she felt obligated to give but was unable to fully provide.”

However, the judge ruled, “There are no allegations that defendant Hiers’ racially offensive comments were either directed toward plaintiff or made with the intent to harass her.”

In spite of being cleared of this claim, Paula Deen and her brother still have to face the sexual harassment allegations by Jackson.

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23 Responses to “Paula Deen Is Not A Racist, Court Decides”

  1. Erik Hellmer

    Wow. That's the most misleading headline I've seen in a while.

  2. Vance Andersen

    Her sponsors dropped her due to the "seriousness of the charge." Never mind that the case hadn't gone to court, all the sponsors wanted to CYA and dropped her like a hot potato.

  3. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Yes He is but in these cases the Justice system sucks!!! She's not out of the woods by far!!!

  4. Kym Sheree Stephens

    Its obvious it's a matter of "COURT" opinion…doesn't mean she's not! Some things you just don't say and if it wasn't that serious she wouldn't have been dropped like a hot potato! "Not guilty..acquittals..or case dismisses" doesn't always mean that individual who got off is legit!

  5. Lisa Parisien-Waldman

    It's apparent that Lisa Jackson is just looking for a HUGE Lawsuit Pay Day! I think Paula Deen has suffered enough! This Lynch Mobbing has to STOP! She has apologized for what was said or implied!

  6. Wendy McBride

    Probably the reason why anyone works…in need of a job.

  7. Brenda Krauser

    I am so happy for Paula Deen, I never really paid attention; until all of this happened. Congratulations Paula.

  8. Elizabeth Tedore

    Because, I am sure what she is alleging, is false. She is only seeking a way to cash in on the controversy.

  9. Alma Coburn

    Why is white peoples getting sued & arrested for using the ''N" word & the "N" peoples can call White PEOPLES anything & get away with It?

  10. Joshua Schell

    Do some research on how trauma works. Abuses like the ones she describe often take time to come to a point of legal conflict. Typically the individual being abused spends time they shouldn't trying to "Fix" things on their own.

  11. Pat Duran

    What a relief for Mrs. Dean, but the MSM had a field day with this. Then the double standard continues with talk show host who say much worse things about others and are still on the air. You go Mrs. Dean, Martha Stewart is back and running.

  12. Andy Munzing

    OK Be honest, a person of color or of ethnicity cuts you off after a long day dealing with idiots you work with. The word sxxxx or nxxxxx does come up. Remember a long day, it is 95 degrees, your husband do not get the AC fixed. Right we are all guilty, whether you have the guts to admit it. Yes I have said it, and I betcha there is a person called me a honkey. I know down in the south the people with money, AKA whiteys would honk to bring out the woman. that is wwhy we are called honkeys.

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