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Kristen Stewart Skips Teen Choice Awards

Teen Choice Awards

Kristen Stewart and ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson decided to skip the Teen Choice Awards last night in Los Angeles.

Although the final installment of the epic Twilight saga snagged a number of trophies at the event, the stars of the film were nowhere to be found. Reports suggest that the two decided to bail on the ceremony in order to avoid running into one another.

Both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won surf boards at the Teen Choice Awards for their performances in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. At the end of the day, the movie took home no less than seven different awards during the event.

The last installment of the Twilight saga won surf boards for Best Romance and Best Sci-Fi-Fantasy. Stewart, meanwhile, snagged awards for Choice Movie Actress (Sci-Fi-Fantasy) and Choice Movie Actress (Romance). It’s unclear if the former couple received kudos in the Choice Liplock category.

Although Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson didn’t want to risk a chance encounter, a handful of other Twilight actors decided to make the trip to the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. Co-star Taylor Lautner picked up a surf board for Choice Movie Actor (Sci-Fi/Fantasy).

Kellan Lutz, who is currently expected to star in The Expendables 3, was also recognized for his work on the romantic vampire series. The actor took home an award for Choice Movie Scene Stealer.

Stewart and Pattinson aren’t the only hopeless romantics making headlines at the Teen Choice Awards. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth arrived separately at the event despite showing up to the Paranoia red carpet together.

When Cyrus accepted the award for Fashion Trendsetter, she was quick to thank her mom and dad. However, she failed to mention her fiance. With rumors about the couple’s future is already at a fever pitch, this will only add fuel to the fire.

Are you surprised that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson skipped the Teen Choice Awards?

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6 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Skips Teen Choice Awards”

  1. Joyce Whitt

    I'm not surprised they did not go. I'm surprised they swept all the awards they were nominated for. They have not been together on a Red Carpet since Twilght BD2. That was only because they were contracted to do so. Rob not attending functions and carpets with Kristen was very telling about that relationship. He should have never went back to her. She made a mess of their life and he was not able to protect or really forgive her. Sad for them both. They are moving on in each of their own direction. Wish them the best.

  2. Caroline Heyer

    I don't think Kristen made a mess of her life. She made one mistake and she is being horribly judged for it which is completely unfair. Let us not forget that no one truly knows how far things went with Rupert; I've never felt they went very far. Kristen doesn't look very comfortable in the supposed "cheating photos" and once you've been intimate with someone you can't escape looking comfortable. Add to that the fact that these pics were taken in public tells me she met him to talk and he met her to do more than talk. Rupert is 42 and Kristen is 23 so there is no doubt that he was the experienced one and more capable of manipulating the situation. I think Rupert was simultaneously flirting/attempting seduction/pressuring her, Kristen was flattered and things got out of hand but I don't think they slept together. At 23 you can't be expected to handle that kind of pressure well and in the real world Rupert would have been fired and studio sued for sexual harassment. I blame Pattinson for making the situation worse. No doubt he was hurt when these pics came out but for him to immediately run out the door without making an attempt to fix their four year relationship or working with Kristen on a strategy for the press makes him very immature. His refusal to speak with Kristen after the incident is what forced her into making that public statement that did nothing but feed the media fire. Then they reconciled but I don't think Pattinson ever forgave Kristen and I don't think his ego could handle all the press about how she cheated. That is what really bothers me about Pattinson…the fact that his ego is so fragile and he is so weak he cannot forgive and he is allowing the media as well as a bunch of rapid little girl fans to influence his life decisions and by extension, Kristen's. At 27, Pattinson should know better!

  3. Len Buursma

    When the public usurps your time and lives, you need to stay away sometimes.

  4. Alex Hendersen

    Refreshingly mature take on the Robsten phenomena for once. I agree completely with your assessment in most aspects. What I think was probably an even stronger force than age and experience though, was Sanders position as the director, something a young actress must have an enormous respect for, even one as successful as Stewart. In fact, she may be truly terrified to be stuck in the Twilight shadow and therefore extremely vunerable towards an upcoming director like Sanders. They are probably the only two who really knows how far it went, but I find it unlikely she would play along all the way and then throw out an incedibly, out of character, emotional public outcry on twitter. She seems way much too grounded than that if this really had been going on for months. Still, at the end of the day the damage was done. The pressure, dissapointment and humiliation from Rob's side must have been unimaginable. No outsider obviously knows the nature of their relation, as one can never really tell how other people work, and there have circulated stories about Rob as well, but the fact that none of them showed up at these awards indicate to me that the whole thing is still very much painful for them, as (if I remember correctly) last year's event was just a day or so before the photos. Regardless, from an outside perspective they had the most romantic fairytale relation possible, forged by a joint, once in a lifetime, success story and rise to fame, and I don't think anyone can blame Rob for feeling that she screwed that up royally. If this was driven primarily by Sanders and relatively innocent they could recover over time, as humiliation tends to numb compared to loss of trust, but if she went all the way and then were coy about it, I think it will be very difficult. They obviously tried a couple of months later and either he felt the magic was gone, or too stupid.

  5. A Different Twilight

    You're disappointed that neither Kristen nor Robert showed up for a paparazzi moneybomb like the Teen Choice Awards?

    You can ALL UNITE by the THOUSANDS to VOTE for these awards for them (apparently, to 'show your support for them'); but you just CAN'T unite to save them or yourselves from these MEAN Hollywood PR Assaults – it's LUDICROUS!

    It's NOT LIKE Kristen or Robert's Twilight Fans HELP THEM AT ALL – why the hell should they come out for YOU? Should they come out for 'just their nice fans' – the ones who continue to allow this harassment to happen to them while not saying or doing anything about it?

    SEARCH: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot. I have a summary at the top that explains all this stuff and what's been going on. I also debunk the 'staged stunt' and 'fake photo' theories. I've been following these 'robsten' scandals longer than anyone – BEFORE they happened. SIGN the PETITIONS for Hollywood to reform its own Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment, and restore the most BASIC Constitutional rights & freedoms to ALL of our favorite Celebs – such as the rights to LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS. They do not deserve to loose these things JUST because we love them!

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