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UFO Spotted Hovering Over Florida Pool [Video]

UFC sighting over pool in Florida

Naples, FL — Surveillance video for a condo in Naples, Florida, recorded a UFO-like orb hovering over a pool Monday night.

Footage of the saucer-shaped object is being investigated by The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an Ohio-based non-profit, volunteer organization that investigates UFO sightings. The organization called the footage, which records the object for 30 minutes, “one of the most fascinating videos they have seen in a while.” They do not believe the video is a hoax.

Security officer Debralee Thomas told ABC Action News, “It was down on the ground, but some of that webbing was longer and it made a funnel down into pool, whatever it was doing in pool I don’t know.”

Thomas said she was grateful that she was able to witness the spotting firsthand.

There was another possible UFO spotting in Florida Wednesday. Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, said it took 14 reports on August 7. Residents reported seeing a strange light in the sky, and one woman said it looked like a plane had exploded. Scientists, however, said the light had a simple explanation — the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station launched a Delta IV rocket carrying a satellite that same night.

The US National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida, explained the strange lights on its Facebook page.

“Did you see the bright clouds following tonight’s Delta IV rocket launch?,” the NWS wrote. “We believe they are a form of ‘noctilucent clouds’ that are sometimes present in the mesosphere at a height of 240,000 to 280,000 feet! Since the sun was still shining at that height, the ice crystals that formed in the rocket’s exhaust appeared quite bright.”

Earlier this week, residents in the UK reported seeing a UFO for several nights. Sightings were reported in Heckington, Sleaford, and Leeds. Marc Dantonio, a photo/video analyst who has worked with the Navy, said that when the object appeared to descend, it was actually coming closer.

Do you think the object in the video is a UFO?

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8 Responses to “UFO Spotted Hovering Over Florida Pool [Video]”

  1. Curtis D Tate III

    There is no light source to cause the refraction! I spend my summers at this pool and have for the last 35 years! At first I thought light refraction off a droplet of rain water as well. However, you can see an object fly into frame that is very bright. That coupled with the fact that they have about thirty minutes of footage kind of makes the whole droplet theory go out the window. In that wind I doubt that the droplet would stay viable to refract the light for such a significant amount of time. I suppose it could be multiple droplets over the course of the video bt that would mean that the intensity and image would change drastically as the water coverage changes and it simply does not. I also was thinking IR bleed of of some other kind of debris but this to most likely would not occur for thirty plus minutes. Interesting indeed it truly is an unidentified flying object by definition. Maybe not extraterrestrial but a flying object none the less.

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