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Amish Mafia Star Alan Beiler Sentenced To Prison

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Amish Mafia star Alan Beiler was sentenced to three to 23 months in prison today for leading police on a car chase last summer.

Beiler, who stars on the Discovery Channel show Amish Mafia, led police on a car chase last June after the officers tried to stop him for driving with an expired car registration.

Belier drove into oncoming traffic in order to evade police. One of the officers in pursuit got into an accident during the chase and suffered a concussion.

The Amish Mafia star was eventually arrested and charged with attempting to evade police, drug possession and driving on a suspended license.

He plead guilty to all charges in May and today he was sentenced to three to 23 months in prison.

Defense attorney Mark Forrest Walmer told the Associated Press that Beiler, 35, had turned his life around since he had been arrested and has been sober for nearly a year.

One of the Amish Mafia stars may be spending the next few months in jail but that isn’t going to stop the Discovery Channel from renewing the show. The network announced earlier this week that they were renewing Amish Mafia for a second season.

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12 Responses to “Amish Mafia Star Alan Beiler Sentenced To Prison”

  1. Eledryth Barton

    even the amish (which used to be a strict Christian type religious group) have been bastardized by the American media. WHAT A HORRIFIC SHAME!

  2. Ron Noble

    this show is so insulting…… are you people ignorant enough to believe it's real? The Amish are a peace loving people who would never do anything like this show. It is so sad that our society has reached such a low.

  3. Lonnie Heaton

    Ron the Network pigs would do a show about you & I talking about wet paint. I grew up in northern Indiana " Fort Wayne " & every once in a while my dad would load us all up and go spend a day in what was called " Amish-ville and it was a step back in time to be for sure. I think the town was called Goshen Indiana & they did all things the old way, everything was by hand or mechanical tools no power, heck we had a ball really had fun!!

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