Jane Catherine

Author Jane Catherine Lotter Writes Her Own Obituary, Witty Touching Piece Goes Viral

A Seattle comedian, author and writer’s humorous and tear-jerking obituary, which she wrote herself before she died, has gone viral.

The mother-of-two’s obituary was published in The Seattle Times on July 28, just 10 days after she passed away surrounded by her children and husband, and it’s a charming, engaging, witty, and emotional piece.

Lotter starts, “One of the few advantages of dying from Grade 3, Stage IIIC endometrial cancer, recurrent and metastasized to the liver and abdomen, is that you have time to write your own obituary. (The other advantages are no longer bothering with sunscreen and no longer worrying about your cholesterol.)”

The writer added that she was born in Seattle on August 10, 1952, and was survived by Bob Marts, her husband of 29 years, as well as her two children, Tessa and Riley, both of whom are now adults.

Discussing Bob, she wrote, “Bobby M, I love you up to the sky. Thank you for all the laugher and the love, and for standing by me at the end.” She then stated that November 22, 1975, was the “luckiest night” of her life, as it was when she met him at the Central Tavern in Pioneer Square.

Lotter then wrote to Tess and Riley, declaring, “I love you so much, and I’m so proud of you. I wish you such good things.” She then added some advice for her children, writing, “May you, every day, connect with the brilliancy of your own spirit. And may you always remember that obstacles in the path are not obstacles, they ARE the path.”

Finishing her piece, Lotter stated, “I was given the gift of life, and now I have to give it back. This is hard. But I was a lucky woman, who led a lucky existence, and for this I am grateful.” She then finished, “Beautiful day, happy to have been here.”

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