Tatum Dunn

Tatum Dunn, A 3-Month-Old Battling A Rare Brain Tumor Becomes Twitter Sensation

A 3-month-old girl’s battle with a brain tumor has become an unlikely internet sensation, thanks to the social media efforts of her parents, which has seen them receive a huge outpouring of support.

Tatum Dunn has been battling for her life for several weeks, and her parents, Michelle and Steve Dunn, have taken to the likes of Twitter and Facebook to share her tales.

Because of their efforts, various users have created a hashtag dedicated to Tatum Dunn, whilst various fundraisers and a Facebook page dedicated to the 3-month-old have also gained her thousands of fans and dollars.

Tatum is set to have a surgery that could save her life, and now people from across the globe are praying for her, even though they’ve never even met the girl.

Michelle and Steve revealed that their ordeal began when they noticed that their newborn child’s head had swelled to a worrying size. They then took Tatum to the hospital, where Doctors ran tests that confirmed their worst fears, their daughter had a tumor.

Their plight worsened when they arrived at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, where doctors at the institution stated that Tatum had desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma, a rare brain tumor.

This type of disease is normally found in the first two years of life, and they are commonly benign. Support for Tatum Dunn began on August 6 when the Twitter hashtag #pray4Tatum began to sweep the site, whilst the 3-month-old has already gained her first Twitter account, which is also entitled, Pray for Tatum.

Steve’s position as a high school football coach and recruiting coordinator saw various coaches from across 22 states across the nation tweet and retweet messages for Tatum.

Broken Arrow High School, where Steve coaches, raised $2,200 for the Dunns with a car was. Tatum’s surgery, which was originally intended for Tuesday, will now take place on Thursday, after there were complications with her blood transfusion.

Michelle Dunn posted on her daughter’s Facebook page on Tuesday, “Thank you all for rallying behind us, but today was not the day. Had trouble during transfusion with IV access & time constraints would not have allowed her to go into surgery stable. New plan is 7am Thursday. As let down & exhausted as we are, it’s not about us but what is best for Tatum. All in His timing.”

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