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San Francisco passes Happy Meal toy ban

happy meal ban

Democrats weren’t the only ones crying into their french fries after the results of last night’s election came rolling in.

Fast food purveyors and little kids in San Francisco have cause for alarm as well- the progressive city now requires that meals that are served with a totally super fun toy must meet specific nutritional guidelines, meaning that they probably can’t even be delicious anymore. A SFWeekly blog reports:

More importantly, the supes passed the so-called “Happy Meal Ban” by an 8-3 vote — meaning it can survive a promised veto from Mayor Gavin Newsom. That’s right: San Francisco done banned the Happy Meal. Robble robble.

All along, the critical vote on Supervisor Eric Mar’s ordinance belonged to Supervisor Bevan Dufty — you could label him the city’s Burger Kingmaker. For weeks, Dufty refused to disclose which way he was leaning. Now we know.

There’s a final vote next week, and the resolution should take effect in December of 2011. McDonald’s has commented, expressing disapproval of the ban:

A McDonald’s spokeswoman said in a statement that the company is “extremely disappointed with the decision” and that “credible and objective research demonstrates this proposal is unrealistic based on data showing that most children rarely eat a meal as detailed by the proposed ordinance.”

Is this a reasonable measure, or meddling in a family’s personal food choices? Do you think the trend will catch on?

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6 Responses to “San Francisco passes Happy Meal toy ban”

  1. Anonymous

    I am sure glad I do not live in San Francisco. If this what the elected officals are doing, which is nothing more than waisting tax payers money, vote their happy little butts OUT!!!! What I would like to know is what gives them the right to tell McDonalds that they can no longer give away free toys. Incase they forgot this is a free country, and California is part of this country.

  2. Anonymous

    How much tax revenue and jobs are generated by Mcdonalds in San Francisco – McDonalds should reject this ban and close all McDonalds in S.F. – Lets see what the people say then

  3. Scott

    I have a feeling this is why Republicans were able to demonize Nancy Pelosi so much. It’s a pretty clear link between fast, unhealthy food and obesity. And it costs taxpayers billions to deal with the public health problems that result. Shouldn’t we start by saying that children deserve healthy meals? The law only says that McDonald’s can’t give kids a meal of pure filth, not that they can’t put a toy in a meal. They can still put the toy in the meal, but the meal now has to actually consist of food and have nutrients. And perhaps not lead that child on a path of obesity that will cripple them emotionally, physically and psychologically, not to mention productivity-wise, for the rest of their lives.

    But the bottom line is, it’s a complicated issue and silly right-wing soundbytes make it sound like San Francisco is being nazi about this. It’s not. It’s simply requiring healthy meals for kids. Dear GOD!!! San Francisco is SO EVIL!!!

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