Hugh Laurie On Colbert Report

Hugh Laurie Appears On ‘The Colbert Report,’ Talks New Blues Album

Hugh Laurie appeared on The Colbert Report recently to talk about his newly released blues album, along with his iconic role as Dr. Gregory House.

While Laurie was mainly there to talk about his music, he didn’t get away from Stephen Colbert without talking for a few minutes about House.

Colbert asked him if he had any prescription pads left from the set, reports The Huffington Post. Laurie sheepishly admitted he took several pads from the set.

Colbert responded to the revelation by asking, “Did you take it from the set and go, ‘You know, this might come in handy later, if I lose everything?’ ”

Laurie joked back, claiming he was really thinking the prescription pads were a “charming memento” from his time as Dr. House. He added, “But, as you say, [it] could come in handy if things go south.”

Laurie and Colbert also took some time to say some dirty words that the FCC allows on public television, notes Zap2It’s Laurel Brown. While the terms aren’t exactly newsworthy, it’s worth noting that ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX are asking the FCC to allow more terms, including references to sex and other things.

But along the line of Laurie’s blues career, the actor and musician admitted he still channels House’s American accent. While he doesn’t know exactly how it happens, Laurie pointed out that he sings with an “American accent” on his blues album Didn’t It Rain.

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Along with appearing on The Colbert Report Monday, Laurie also made an appearance on PBS. The channel filmed and aired a special with the former House actor to coincide with his album’s release. The special is called Hugh Laurie: Live on the Queen Mary.

The special aired Sunday, but can be seen in its entirety on the station’s website. He is also expected to tour North America for the rest of the year.

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