Oklahoma Tornado Blamed On Republicans, Global Warming

Global Warming Human Created, Scientists Globally Beg People To Admit

Global warming, or “climate change,” is a strangely disputed scientific phenomenon despite consensus among scientists that (a) it exists and (b) humans are causing it.

The debate over global warming and the role of fossil fuels in hastening changes to the Earth’s climate overall rage despite the mountain of evidence that human activity is responsible for the crisis — and an international group of scientists has released a statement begging people to stop ignoring the problem.

The American Geophysical Union has more than 62,000 Earth and space scientists representing more than 144 countries of origin, and every four years, the body releases a statement on climate change.

In its most recent, the group begged humans to accept the science of global warming and start addressing the problem in a statement encouraging “urgent action.”

The AGU begins:

“Human activities are changing Earth’s climate… Extensive, independent observations confirm the reality of global warming. These observations show large-scale increases in air and sea temperatures, sea level, and atmospheric water vapor; they document decreases in the extent of mountain glaciers, snow cover, permafrost, and Arctic sea ice. These changes are broadly consistent with long understood physics and predictions of how the climate system is expected to respond to human-caused increases in greenhouse gases. The changes are inconsistent with explanations of climate change that rely on known natural influences.”

The statement adds:

“Impacts harmful to society, including increased extremes of heat, precipitation, and coastal high water are currently being experienced, and are projected to increase. Other projected outcomes involve threats to public health, water availability, agricultural productivity (particularly in low-latitude developing countries), and coastal infrastructure, though some benefits may be seen at some times and places. Biodiversity loss is expected to accelerate due to both climate change and acidification of the oceans, which is a direct result of increasing carbon dioxide levels.”

You can read the AGU’s global warming plea here. [PDF]