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Mark McGwire Talks PEDs, Hopes Steroid Era Is Coming To An End

More than a dozen players were suspended by the MLB this week for using performance enhancement drugs. Unfortunately, this isn’t something new for baseball. Mark McGwire, who admitted in 2010 that he had used steroids during his career, opened up about the recent PED scandal and said that he hopes that the era is coming to an end.

The Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach said that he thinks that steroid use in the MLB is starting to go away. McGwire, who broke baseball’s home run record in 1998 while using steroids, said that players don’t want any part in PEDs anymore.

The former baseball player told ESPN:

“I just really hope and pray that this is the end of it. Everybody, especially the players, don’t want any more part of it, and I hope this is the end of it…. I wish I was never part of it. It’s not worth it at all.”

The MLB recently suspended 13 players for PED use. Most of the players accepted 50 game suspensions but Alex Rodriguez was suspended for 211 games. McGwire didn’t say whether or not he agreed with the length of A-Rod’s suspension but he did say that the MLB was doing the right thing by cracking down on steroid use.

McGwire said: “It doesn’t matter what I think; I think it matters what the players think, and from what I hear every day in the clubhouse, they’re just happy it’s coming to an end. They’re happy that Major League Baseball is taking care of it and we can move forward. Hopefully this will be the end of it.”

Mark McGwire is right. There are a lot of guys in the clubhouse that are hoping to get rid of PEDs once and for all.

Dodgers pitcher Chris Capuano said: ”Players have been vocal for some time now about wanting to clean up the game… Guys are just I think incredulous given how often we’re tested, how sophisticated our testing is, that there are guys still trying to get around the system and take stuff and cheat. Guys are angry, guys want these guys punished.”

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