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Bluehost, HostMonster, And HostGator Websites Go Down Following Maintenance Issue


Bluehost, HostMonster, and HostGator customers were without their websites for a short period on Friday.

Those three hosting providers are owned by Endurance International Group. The outage appears to have occurred when server maintenance took longer than expected in a Provo, Utah data center.

On the Bluehost and HostMonter Twitter accounts, it was revealed that server maintenance didn’t go as expected and caused additional delays.

After websites began crashing, Bluehost and HostMonster customer service reps were overwhelmed by phone support requests.

HostGator took its customer support one step further, adding a dedicated support forum thread do provide customers with updated status information.

While major host downtimes are not unheard of, they typically involves DOS (Denial of Service) attacks and successful hacking attempts. Bad weather near major server farms has also been known to cause issues. In one case early this year, the hacktivist group Anonymous took credit for crashing GoDaddy services through an exploited DNS attack.

Did you experience any Bluehost, HostMonster, or HostGator outages today?

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32 Responses to “Bluehost, HostMonster, And HostGator Websites Go Down Following Maintenance Issue”

  1. Vijeth Kumar

    All my servers are down…. Facing a huge loss…. I though Hostgator was a brand. I dint know they share their main server.. I pitty them…

  2. Kent Myers

    "Short Period"? Not really. My two dedicated servers have been up and down for 11 hours now. Not happy at all with HostGator's communication on this.

  3. Murali Vasudevan

    This is a joke. My we bite has been down for hrs. Tried calling support many times, got disconnected or the prompt kept repeating. Online chat also is down so that the customer support cannot be accessed. Status check says all is well! This is very bad for customers with websites hosted with them, especially being on a weekday, during normal business hrs! Strongly suggest rating them in the lower tier. Not worth the price. May be better to go with cheap hosts who don't seem to fare worse than this? Come on, how can anyone get worse than this?

  4. Anonymous

    All my sites are down. I have sites hosted across several Bluehost accounts as well as Hostgator. This is nuts. I wonder how many sites were effected? Millions I'd imagine. Just nuts!

  5. Elaine Radford

    BlueHost sites are still out. At least my sites are. Been out all day since I think 5 AM or so? Maybe earlier but I wouldn't have checked. SInce it is affecting everyone, I haven't bothered to nag 'em.

  6. Ken Sherman

    I went with a dedicated server on Hostgator to avoid problems…all my sites are still down…300+ sites. Clients are blowing up my phone as I type. wtf? Called HG…no estimated time on when things will be back up. They said 10% of the internet is affected! Ugh!

  7. Anonymous

    switched to as soon as I saw my site was down…

    they're offering free migration for hostgator and bluehost clients, and there are coupons up if you google them.

  8. Albert Nyadu Nkansa Jnr

    And still no courtesy email stating the servers have issues…

  9. Albert Nyadu Nkansa Jnr

    And still no courtesy email stating the servers have issues…

  10. Murali Vasudevan

    I wonder how many folks will take their sites elsewhere? I hope lot of people do it so that they will start taking outages seriously and have a decent communication management process in place!

  11. Trond Wurschmidt

    One of our sites is still down, but the other is up.

  12. Keith Webster

    Funny how Hostmonster was down but they still managed to send me a renewal bill….Of course my email address was with another web host!

  13. Lindsay Speer

    Our website went down, hosted by Bluehost. Extremely inconvenient as we're in the middle of an event that has been planned for over a year, with over 200 Native and non-Native paddlers traveling down the Hudson River for 13 days from Albany to NYC to raise awareness of the Two Row Wampum Treaty, which is 400 years old this year.

  14. John Kenneth Carroll

    This has to be posted by EIG. They were down for over 10 hours today from what I saw.

  15. Janet Finlay

    You're kidding right? 12 hours on Friday – and intermittently today – most recent around half an hour ago. That is not "a short period"! You still have problems Hostgator even if you are in denial!

  16. Simon Ward

    My entire business was on and offline for around 7 hours plus an hour here and there. I had an event planned on for a week, was ruined! I am reading in their forum that the Provo Data Centre has been under attack and is currently being attacked again. Been with Hostgator for 5 years and this is only the 2nd time I have been let down, it happens with any Hosting company, just be glad when this is over and they up the security to stop these pointless attacks which are screwing all of our businesses. Hope the find the c**t who is doing it and they take action.

  17. Craig Rosenfeld

    Affected 3 of my servers at HostGator, which includes over 150 websites of mine that were down for just about a day. Now that they are all back up, my search engine traffic has BOMBED. WTF did they do?

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