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Valeria Lukyanova Surgery Allegations: Before And After ‘Barbie’ Shocker [Video]

real life barbie valeria lukyanova

“Real life Barbie” Valeria Lukyanova denies having had any plastic surgery, but fans and critics have said that the YouTube star’s changing appearance seems to suggest otherwise.

It’s true that a look like Valeria Lukyanova’s “real life Barbie” schtick can be in part obtained by heavy makeup, but other alleged before and after photos show a far more dramatic transformation.

Lukyanova is in the news again for her new “Space Barbie” documentary in which she explains that she believes her purpose in life is to look really, really unusual and thus draw people to her spiritual light. Or something.

In the short film, Valeria says:

“I am a lecturer on the subject of out-of-body travel… If a nun starts talking about spirituality, will anyone notice her? No, No one will. But if a beautiful, inspiring young woman starts talking about it, many people will start thinking. So I use my appearance to promote my spiritual ideas. It works perfectly.”

Shockingly, Lukyanova claims, she told this to a shrink and was not committed. Allegedly:

“I [once] asked myself whether everything was alright with my head… One day I decided to visit a psychiatrist … He said that I was very lucky I ended up coming to him because if it was another doctor, I definitely would have been taken into a ‘special place.’ ”

On YouTube last year, one videomaker emerged to counter Valeria Lukyanova’s insistence she hadn’t in any way surgically altered her face. While it’s impossible to say for sure, it’s also relatively unusual for a human nose to naturally have such a narrow bridge.

The “real life Barbie” also sports breasts that appear to have the unmistakable curve of an implant, and her waist is whittled to proportions and a shape that appear to not match that of a woman who diets or exercises to achieve a slight physique.

In the clip above, alleged Valeria Lukyanova before and after surgery pics are displayed. Do you think she’s telling the truth?

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9 Responses to “Valeria Lukyanova Surgery Allegations: Before And After ‘Barbie’ Shocker [Video]”

  1. Edward Wokhands

    I think uh… Kim LaCapria may have had surgery cuz ya know *looks down at the ground* no one can look that ya know… nice… just by being grown by nature's skills. Or something. *dirt kick* (v_v').

    ahem. Subtle I am.

    Anyway, it doesn't really matter does it? Although her nose does look different, her eyes look like she has that Japanese anime style make up on, although it can be made even more terrifyingly hot (in a extra terrestrial fetish way) with those giant, eye damaging contact lenses. I don't think anyone should attack her for looking how she wants, just ya know, if she makes some grandiose statement about spiritually changing the… oh. k.

  2. Melissa Hughes

    There is no way in hell she hasn't been altered by plastic surgery in some form or fashion. What really bothers me is when people deny it! Just be honest and tell the truth if not for yourself then for the poor girls that look at your body and face and feel inferior because they weren't born barbie perfect.

  3. Jean Garrity

    She has admitted to plastic surgery, her breasts. Most of her "perfect" attributes are done in photoshop, and some so badly that they're so out of proportion to reality. She understates her use of photoshop and says she only uses the blur filter. Yet, she did have her nose done recently, but it's not as it seems in photos. She photoshops the images to make her nose even smaller, her breasts bigger, her eyes even bigger, her waste even smaller, and her skin smoother, and her chin narrower. She also

  4. Tere M Gutierrez

    I agree with Melissa She's truly in denial and needs help

  5. Tere M Gutierrez

    Jean buy a clue that's TRULY not what she has done!!!

  6. Mandy Tiver

    Omg….what's the world come to. Such fear based superficiality. If she claims to desire spiritually enlightening ppl maybe she Shld get there first herself!

  7. Steve Hakansson

    lol if a female thinks any woman should be committed to a mental asylum because of her spiritual beliefs, that author is doing as much harm to society as the human barbie she's writing about.

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